Ionesco’s ‘Rhinoceros’ charges into Zellerbach

Imagine striding along the grand-rue of a tranquil French village, whereupon you suddenly cross paths with an agitated, stampeding rhinoceros trampling everything in its way. What would you think? In essence, this is the question asked by Eugene Ionesco in the first act of his supremely absurdist play “Rhinoceros,” performed
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Bilingual ‘Chinglish’ lost in translation

If you give a cursory glance to the current signs on the walls of the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, you might think yourself insane. In the men’s bathroom (nevermind why I was there), in lucid black ink, a framed piece of paper displays Chinese characters with the following statement beneath: “Salute
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‘The Fisherman’s Wife’ tickles with tentacles

Imagine with me, if you will, a common scenario. There’s a man and a wife. They’ve been together for a while. The heat they once shared has all but died out. Instead of any romance, they just have rows, and in place of any affection, there’s just stale, monotonous boredom.
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Shakespeare update wows in SF

There’s something automatically intriguing about a production of “The Merchant of Venice,” Shakespeare’s most controversial play. Yes, even for San Francisco.  Though the city rarely shies away from addressing contentious subjects, something about “Merchant” raises brows. San Francisco is progressive, certainly, but progressive stops where political correctness begins. Fortunately for
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‘My Fair Lady’ delights at SF Playhouse

While the idea of reinventing a classic Broadway musical may seem slightly questionable at first thought, the SF Playhouse takes this concept to new bounds, delivering an exceptional production of “My Fair Lady” that will transcend any doubts one may have. Taking the story of George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” and
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“Spunk” jazzes up California Shakespeare Theater

Tucked away in the hills of Orinda is the California Shakespeare Theater — better known as Cal Shakes. A shuttle took guests up the winding road to an outdoor area which was shaded by eucalyptus trees connected by strings of sparkling Christmas lights. Art was everywhere, from the nature-inspired sculptures
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Eve Ensler’s new play packs ‘Emotional’ punch

Tears were shed Friday night at the world premiere of Eve Ensler’s “Emotional Creature” at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Ensler — Tony Award-winning playwright of the renown “The Vagina Monologues” —  brings forth a new play based on her New York Times best-selling novel of the same name under the
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