‘For Honor’ offers engaging gameplay, visceral visual splendor


When it comes to tone, the graphics of the game are incredibly smooth and realistic, and the violence is gory and gritty without becoming too cartoonish. The soundtrack is fitting and immersive, and it adds to the tense, gritty atmosphere of the game. That’s another thing the game gets right: It has an immersive sense of atmosphere with its chaotic premise and stylish violence.
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Gamers gather for inaugural TwitchCon

The morning air wasn’t the only thing that was dank as crowds of streamers, gamers and hardcore memers clamored in front of San Francisco’s Moscone Center on Friday and Saturday, ready for the inaugural TwitchCon. Twitch, the company behind the eponymously named convention, is an online streaming service known for
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LGBT, feminist perspectives on video games at GaymerX conference

Everybody games There are a lot of preconceived stereotypes about gamer culture. Gamers are either geeky, anti-social, skinny teenage boys, or beefed-up, unnecessarily aggressive frat brothers. That’s not actually true. The actual gaming community is more like a diverse landscape of intersectional subcultures. GaymerX, a queer gaming conference that was held
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ps4 sportsfriends

‘Sportsfriends’ unites friends in unique way

In the opening screen of “Sportsfriends,” the game prominently displays the quote, “No one on their deathbed ever said ‘I wish I had spent more time alone with my computer!’” At first, this may seem ironic, as “Sportsfriends” is technically a video game, but “Sportsfriends” has a magical ability to
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Nintendo fails to bring A-game in ‘Yoshi’s New Island’

Nintendo’s favorite green dinosaur lets gamers down in “Yoshi’s New Island,” though some may still love this simple and happy creature. In the game, Yoshi hurls eggs, swallows enemies and hums while kicking his cute red feet in midair. A popular misconception — there is not just one Yoshi, but
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