PlayStation4 gives gamers much to look forward to

Compared to its dreadful launch of the PlayStation 3 in 2006, Sony is doing a lot right this time around. If there’s one thing Sony understands now, it’s showing off a product that speaks for itself. Instead of expecting people to pay $600 for a next-gen console, Sony has priced
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A violently introspective look at video games

Violence and conflict have always been fundamental in video games. As video games became defined by win and loss states, violence and death followed suit. Twenty years ago, early ultra-violent titles such as “Doom” and “Wolfenstein 3D” took a heavy share of the market. Even classic nonshooter games such as
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Grand Theft Auto V revs up character development

The first trailer released for this game came out in November 2011, and since that time, the Internet has exploded into a frenzy of Grand Theft Auto V news. Various YouTube channels and entire websites have developed as a result of the massive hype and high expectations of this game. Now that the
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“Divekick” is two-button tribute to classic fighting games

Fighting games have notoriously hard learning curves. Unless you and a friend are willing to spend time learning complicated systems, mastering perfectly-timed button combinations and constantly practicing against  one another for weeks, most fighting game matches devolve into button-mashing and hoping that cool moves happen randomly. But “Divekick” removes all
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‘Saints Row IV’ offers diverse, dumb fun

Four installments in, “Saints Row” has come far from its roots as a “Grand Theft Auto” clone. Initially a “gang-warfare,” open-world third-person shooter, the franchise developed and embraced its lunacy, avoiding the path of providing “cinematic” experiences in favor of dumb, fun mayhem paired with hilarious writing and clever game-play
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