‘The Last of Us’ is a masterpiece in the gaming medium

If there’s one problem with “The Last of Us,” it’s the game’s linearity. Once you’ve made your way through one section of the game — and witnessed the inevitable cinematic cutscene that bolsters the narrative between gameplay chapters — there’s no going back. The loot you missed is gone, the
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The other sexism in gaming

Queer gamers seek to create safer gaming spaces in wake of cissexist comments

In survival video games, there’s always a home base — a place to store your loot, heal your wounds and save your progress before venturing out into the darkness again. It’s somewhere to go, and it’s somewhere to be. It’s safe. Surviving in the gaming community isn’t as easy. Gaming
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Next generation of gaming unveiled at E3

New hardware unlocks exciting gameplay possibilities

“Next-gen” means a lot of different things to gamers — and nothing at all, probably, to the uninitiated. It literally refers to the new “generation” of gaming consoles, but it also means growth and expansion in an industry marred by “sequelitis” and negative stereotypes. Next-gen was the unofficial theme of
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Upcoming indie games provide new, unique ways to play

Throw Trucks With Your Mind True to its title, “Throw Trucks With Your Mind” allows you to throw trucks in-game with your mind. Using NeuroSky’s MindWave EEG headset, which is noninvasive and does not require applying gel or other substances, the game translates your brain waves into inputs to the
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‘Blood Dragon’ throws back to ’80s

“Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” is a product of the ’80s, but it was not made in the ’80s. It is the awkward yet bombastic product of a generation that grew up watching “Robocop” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” listening to synthpop and arguing about the quality of VHS versus
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‘Papers, Please’ now in beta

Video game offers odd gaming experience with a Cold War vibe

“Papers, Please” is a strange game in the absolute best sense of the word. It’s Soviet Union meets Berlin Wall, distinctly Slavic and decidedly communist. It’s tense and addictive. In the words of its creator, Lucas Pope, it’s a “dystopian document thriller.” “Papers, Please,” named for your character’s “catchphrase” of
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Berkeley student engineers success

Software developer and EECS student Michael Bao makes a name for himself in video games

Michael Bao’s friends call him Mikey, and on the weekends, they all play Mario games on the Wii. Bao, a second-year EECS major at Cal, is known for not being particularly good at Super Mario Bros. — but when it comes to making games, Bao’s friends turn to him for
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