UC Berkeley students revel in victory in StarCraft tourney

The most popular games in the eSports circuit are reliant on complex strategies, mixing precise micro-management skills with ridiculous amounts of tactics. Within each match is a battle that is determined by cleverness, multitasking skills and reading your opponent, and the result is an experience that mixes the bluffing style of poker, the balance of chess and the dynamism of football.
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‘Depression Quest’ cripples players with despondent gameplay

“Depression Quest” isn’t a typical game. It’s not even typical for an atypical game. Unlike convention-violating indie titles like “Journey” or “The Unfinished Swan,” “Depression Quest” isn’t artistic, captivating or even enjoyable. Rather, it’s a gray, text-based and emotionally draining experience about living with depression. “Depression Quest” casts the player
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‘Scribblenauts’ game inventive yet limited

Scribblenauts Unlimited” attempts to turn childhood imagination into reality. Name any object, possibly with some adjectives, and “Scribblenauts Unlimited” will recreate it in its world, with its expected behaviors and properties. It is a huge sandbox that is both a toy and a mix of complex systems, which intermingle with
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‘The Walking Dead’ feeds off player’s choices

“No one is safe in “The Walking Dead.” Unlike the power fantasies zombie-related media typically induce, Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” is about dreadful choices; forced, dysfunctional relationships and the clash between Darwinist survival and civilized morality in the zombie apocalypse. As resources inevitably run low and tensions rise, the choices
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‘Hotline Miami’ brilliantly violent

“Hotline Miami” is a game about murder. Unlike most games on the market, it does not attempt to sanitize its violence.  Bodies pile up as you viciously murder everyone in your path. Floors become painted with blood, along with smashed-in faces and stray limbs. It surpasses Rockstar North’s “Manhunt” in
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‘Dishonored’ merges stealth with sandbox

In the world of robotics and 3-D computer animation, the “uncanny valley” refers to the point where human replicas look so uncannily similar to humans such that they become unsettling to the eye. Because the replica is so accurate, any small flaw in the details stick out like a sore
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