Annie Kevans exhibit empowers, rediscovers

A previous version of this article stated that the exhibit will be on view until Dec. 20. In fact, it will be on view until Dec. 23. A previous version of this article also referred to portrait sizes as 14-by-16. They are actually 16-by-12. The canon of historical art is filled
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From screen to canvas: Spoke Art celebrates Stanley Kubrick

What do Steven Spielberg, “The Simpsons” and San Francisco’s Spoke Art Gallery have in common? All three have paid homage to Stanley Kubrick, the filmmaker whose contributions to 20th century cinema are nearly overwhelming in scope and scale. “KUBRICK: An art show tribute” is the latest in a series of
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Carters copy_JenkinsJohnson_Courtesy

The Carter duo breathes new life into classic paintings

Before photographs and video, painting was the only way to capture life in an image. The best paintings were those that most closely resembled the real world around them, those that could capture life in a still canvas. Artists aimed to imbue their subjects with a realistic sense of breath.
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Piece by piece: how one SF app is transforming the art market

“I’m not an art snob,” offered Ethan Appleby with a slow grin, by way of introduction. Few people would describe themselves as such, but the disclaimer is exhilarating coming from Appleby, the co-founder and CEO of Vango, an art-marketplace app fit for the new order of original, online art retail.
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