Berkeley receives new work of art for official collection

Berkeley is a hotbed of culture and art. Whether you’re driving down Durant, strolling up Shattuck or simply cruising around campus, you’re surrounded by it. Art is in the streets, it’s in the classrooms and it’s even in the Civic Center building. To celebrate the contributions of local artists, the
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Politically charged art given a voice at de Young

I stand in front of a giant pink skyscraper pinned to the wall. It’s filled with images of tiny figures crawling, dancing and jumping. I am next to an older couple. The man looks up thoughtfully, contemplating: What is this doing in a museum space? The woman glances at me,
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Annie Kevans exhibit empowers, rediscovers

A previous version of this article stated that the exhibit will be on view until Dec. 20. In fact, it will be on view until Dec. 23. A previous version of this article also referred to portrait sizes as 14-by-16. They are actually 16-by-12. The canon of historical art is filled
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From screen to canvas: Spoke Art celebrates Stanley Kubrick

What do Steven Spielberg, “The Simpsons” and San Francisco’s Spoke Art Gallery have in common? All three have paid homage to Stanley Kubrick, the filmmaker whose contributions to 20th century cinema are nearly overwhelming in scope and scale. “KUBRICK: An art show tribute” is the latest in a series of
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