Picking apart parasites in student art exhibit

UC Berkeley senior Alissa Dawson's mixed media sculpture titled "Maybe it's Maybelline."
Michael Drummond/Senior Staff
UC Berkeley senior Alissa Dawson's mixed media sculpture titled "Maybe it's Maybelline."

One student grapples to steady a teetering stack of wooden boards — another displays participants’ dreams by having them blow ink onto a blank sheet of paper. A pedestal sink streams flowing, milky-looking water, and clay sperm dangle delicately from fishing line on the ceiling. These scenes — though seemingly Read More…


‘See All About It’ finds photographer Vivian Maier

In the sunny and damp courtyard of North Gate Hall, a crowd gathered for an inauguration Wednesday afternoon. North Gate Hall, made of redwood and glass, once housed the department of architecture. Now the Berkeley School of Journalism resides there, and its hallways, filled with natural light, display the newly Read More…

Vishnu and Garuda Save the King of the Elephants (Gajendra Maksh

BAM exhibit gives visions of human nature

From the far depths of the mystic East — where the seed grows strong, the jungles run deep and the artist stands proud — comes Berkeley Art Museum’s exhibition “The Elephant’s Eye: Artful Animals in South & Southeast Asia.” BAM now houses a sublime collection of more than 30 pieces Read More…


Berkeley Art Museum redefines the ‘Possible’

No photography. No large bags or backpacks. Remain two feet away from the art. Most importantly: Do not touch the art. While most museums force their visitors to distance themselves from the art displayed, the Berkeley Art Museum’s current evolving exhibition, “The Possible,” completely redefines the museum experience. Gone are Read More…


Collaborating with the community at Art Murmur

“Terminus Exhibition No. 4” at Terminus Salon-style, “Terminus Exhibition No. 4” showcases works by Evan Barbour, Mike Kimball, Adam Springer, Ghost Ghost Teeth, Jon Garaizar and Sarah Craig. Pieces range from abstract expressionist paintings to precisionist sketches of Oakland scenery. Terminus focuses on large group shows to highlight emerging, local Read More…

A Man Having a Pleasant Meal

Expressions Gallery highlights faces of homeless population

Homelessness leaves thousands to roam the streets without the promise of warm shelter or a meal. This epidemic impacts the masses and threatens the personal identity of those characterized by such a defining term. The multifaceted nature of a particular individual is jeopardized as the person becomes lost in the Read More…