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Chor Boogie’s paintings displayed on Sproul, condemn partisanship

On Monday morning, students making their way through Sproul were confronted with six bright, enormous canvasses lining the Mario Savio steps. The canvasses announced themselves loudly in red, white and blue. They occupied the space where Mario Savio stood 51 years ago, passionately appealing to students to put their “bodies
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Photographer depicts human impact on natural resources through provocative, telling shots

In a particular strip from Bill Watterson’s beloved “Calvin and Hobbes” collection, Calvin screams, “I’m significant!” to a sky full of stars. Calvin then underhandedly notes, “Says the insignificant speck of dust.” Innocently yet critically, the cartoon juxtaposes the ridiculous human impulse toward self-importance with the vastness of the universe.
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Art reaches new heights in Peak Inspirations

“Usually we think brave people have no fear, the truth is they are intimate with fear.” Eyes scrambled to these words, a quote by Buddhist nun and author Pema Chodron, at the White Walls gallery in San Francisco. There, the words were painted on a clean expanse of wall and
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Feels 3 festival celebrates creativity and camaraderie

Last Saturday’s Feels 3 festival was an incredible party, with some of the Bay’s raddest people on the guest list. From a sweet elderly couple merrily busting moves to trap beats, to a couple hundred fashion-forward trendsetters, the third installment of the Feels series was filled with a diverse crowd
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