Jasper Johns, 0 through 9, 1960; oil on canvas; 72 x 54 in. (182.8 x 137.1 cm); Collection of Helen and Charles Schwab, fractional gift to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; © Jasper Johns / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Exhibit spans Jasper Johns’ catalogue

Jasper Johns is an American iconoclast. Deftly maneuvering between different styles, but never committing to just one, it is obvious from the SFMOMA’s current exhibition of his works that Johns was inspired by all facets of life. The exhibit, “Jasper Johns: Seeing with the Mind’s Eye,” is a retrospective of
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Jay DeFeo, After Image, 1970, graphite, gouache, and transparent synthetic polymer on paper with cut-and-torn tracing paper; The Menil Collection, Houston; gift of Glenn Fukushima; © 2012 The Jay DeFeo Trust / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, photo: by Paul Hester

SFMOMA shows diverse work of UC Berkeley alum Jay DeFeo

The tall canvas of “The Rose” is smothered in thick, textured oil paint that crafts a mesmerizing 3-D effect while employing rich black and white color tones that depict the spreading petals of a rose and signify the thematic balance between darkness and light. One of the largest-scale paintings present
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‘Bad Dads’ features art based on Anderson films

There are two major Wes Anderson camps — either you’ve never heard of the guy, or you eat his movies up like deliciously twee vegan crepes. Building on his signature style of picturesquely framed scenes, dry humor and hopelessly dysfunctional families, Anderson has cropped up quite the following, especially apparent
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Oakland revived by Art Murmur

Oakland at the turn of the millennium looked very different from the city that was ranked as one of the top places to go in 2012 by the New York Times. Since then, the sparse neighborhoods of desolate buildings and fast food restaurants have been replaced by art galleries, restaurants
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Oakland Art Murmur: October

Here is our preview of new shows to see this Friday at Oakland Art Murmur. On the first friday of every month, numerous galleries around the intersection of Telegraph and 23rd St. open their doors from 6-9 p.m. for Oakland Art Murmur.  To read our descriptions of the shows, click on
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‘Stand Tall Pt. III’ features diverse set of artists

As artists entered Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery last week, they were met with a narrow strip of white wall outlined by blue masking tape. They found their spots — labeled with their names scribbled on used-up BART tickets — and got to work installing their pieces. Over the course
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Lebbeus Woods, Conflict Space 3, 2006; crayon and acrylic on linen; 74 x 120 in. (187.96 x 304.8 cm); Collection SFMOMA, purchase through a gift of anonymous donors and the Accessions Committee Fund; © Lebbeus Woods

SFMOMA’s ‘Field Conditions’ examines perception

The modern environment is akin to chaos. Cities are now nearly defined by the massive billboards and glaring lights that distort their buildings. According to architect Stan Allen’s essay “Field Conditions,” places that were once familiar, organized and definite no longer exist. Amid modernization and globalization, our established culture and
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Pro Arts Gallery 2x2 Solo Amy M. Ho Lordy Rodriguez

Postcards depict Pacific garbage island

In the North Pacific waters between the coasts of San Francisco and Hawaii, there is a massive vortex of swirling trash, a giant island of plastic. Ocean currents trap years of pollution into these trash formations, which occur throughout our oceans. When a massive tsunami rocked Pacific waters in 2011,
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