De Young features early Chuck Close prints

“Keith” is nearly four feet by three feet in dimension, a black and white portrait print. The mouth seems almost faded, a rectangle of blanching discernible amid the gray monochrome of the face. He is unsmiling, and his eyes look at something in the distance, the reflection off the top
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Misako Inaoka show meshes nature and design

Misako Inaoka’s critters have populated the Bay Area art scene for a decade. A native of Japan and a graduate of both the Rhode Island School of Design and Mills College in Oakland, Inaoka has become known as a master of mashups. Using random odds and ends, the artist focuses
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Lee Miller (above) and Man Ray allegedly discovered the photographic technique of "solarization," which effects a bold, black outline as seen above.

New surrealism exhibit in SF intrigues

When Lee Miller broke up with Man Ray in 1932, he cut a picture of her eye out, stuck it on a metronome and wrote: “With a hammer well-aimed, try to destroy the whole at a single blow.” He called the piece, “Object to Be Destroyed.” Ray, the famed surrealist
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D-L Alvarez / MATRIX 243

New BAM exhibits offer intriguing variety

  “At the Edge: Recent Acquisitions” Perception can often lead to deception, but in “At the Edge: Recent Acquisitions,” art’s impression leaves the viewer impressed. The Berkeley Art Museum’s exhibition presents new works, some by local artists and others not, with a title well-suited to the plays on perception in
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Cindy Sherman incites reflection in new SF MOMA exhibit

There’s an awful lot of Cindy Sherman at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Aside from the works the museum has in its permanent collection (though not currently on display), there is Sherman’s retrospective fresh from the MoMA in New York. Then there’s the fact that there is so
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Lack of dimension found in ‘My White Friends’

When you walk into Rayko Photo Center with the intention of viewing their new gallery show, it won’t be immediately obvious where you should look. The elaborate workspace and gallery in downtown San Francisco offers racks of photo prints and high ceilings with vintage cameras mounted onto them. After a
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Amoeba Art Show

Amoeba Music’s fifth annual art show disappoints

There is probably no name more closely associated with buying music in the Bay Area than Amoeba. In 1990, they opened their doors here in Berkeley on Telegraph Avenue and since then, the brand has expanded to two more branches in Los Angeles and San Francisco — supplying California with
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This Week in Arts

Our lead writers bring you the latest and greatest in Bay Area arts and culture this week Film This week the Pacific Film Archive hosts four films by Michael Glawogger, an Austrian filmmaker who focuses on the plight of the working class amid an increasingly alienating global economy. Glawogger’s experimental
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Screen shot 2012-04-22 at 8.18.29 PM

Art show displays visions of sci-fi future

In a post-government world, spiritual leaders have taken control, sparking a period of positivity and change. It’s a veritable utopia until the most nightmarish of technical problems arises — Mechs, the production robots created to rebuild the world, have turned the full power of their artificial intelligence to enslave mankind.
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