Jhameel jams to his own beat

With a breathy voice and funky style, it’s no surprise that UC Berkeley alumnus Jhameel has been compared to a modern-day Prince. The 23-year-old — a former member of the ROTC program and of co-op Casa Zimbabwe — attributes his experiences in the military and in Berkeley to the start
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String Theory forms a fresh hypothesis of music

String Theory, a three-member band comprised of  junior Angela Lee, senior Wisam Reid and alumna Maia Donachy, approaches music as much more than a listening experience. The band’s work, consisting of live electronica, experimental samples and classical instruments, feathers the distinction between the act of listening and emotional reality through
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voices cataracs

From Berkeley to the international stage with the Cataracs

Niles Hollowell-Dhar and David Singer-Vine were just sophomores at Berkeley High School when they formed the Cataracs in 2003. Deriving their name from a Snoop Dogg lyric (“Smoke ‘till your eyes get cataracts”), the duo rose to Bay Area fame as a definitive force in the hyphy movement. After their
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Local artist G-Eazy refuses to take the easy way out

“Might not be on the radio, but this is art,” raps Oakland-born musician G-Eazy on the title track of his 2012 album Must Be Nice. Although the airwaves may be slow to catch on, G’s hard-hitting sound and laid back, dapper style have earned him massive attention online. Local hip-hop
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Duo Happy Fangs takes bites from various genres

Armed with war paint, a guitar and a powerful yet chipper voice, San Francisco duo Happy Fangs unleashes flurries of pop energy and punk grit. Since the band’s conception, the driving force has been the claws of Mike Cobra’s guitar riffs clashing with the sweet, piercing vocals of Rebecca Gone
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Alumnus talks professionally clowning around in stand-up comedy

Born in Taiwan, raised in Houston and educated in the Bay Area, Sheng Wang has always been accustomed to the transient state of the comedian lifestyle. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2002, Wang started his comedy career hitting up the open mics in the venerable San Francisco comedy scene.
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