UC Berkeley freshman Grant Laut balances music, modeling

Campus Spotlight

When looking for a UC Berkeley student who produces his own music, models and makes time for a wide range of extracurriculars, only one name comes to mind. Grant Laut, who utilizes the electric guitar to produce original tunes, partakes in shoots with Cast Images and works diligently on his
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Local band Finish Ticket on touring, making it big

Finish Ticket is exactly the kind of local indie-rock band you’d want to root for. Known for their genuine and charismatic live performances as well as thoughtful, distinct lyrics, the five boys from Alameda County just wrapped up a national tour as the opening act for Twenty One Pilots’ BlurryFace
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UC Berkeley senior Audrey Chen analyzes through artwork

“How about this?” says UC Berkeley senior Audrey Chen. “The other day, I noticed that we have all these planters around, and we stick all sorts of shrubs and leafy things in them. And it (was) so strange to me, for some reason, that the person who pruned them cut
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Pistachio talks eclectic inspirations, upcoming tour

After playing shows at the Berkeley Sailing Clubs and local co-op scene, the Berkeley-based trio Pistachio, comprised of guitarist Antony D’Avirro, bassist Devin Hollister and drummer Zach Briefer, garnered lots of positive buzz for their suave, smooth style, combining hints of reggae and funk to create catchy rock tunes. Touring
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