Duo Happy Fangs takes bites from various genres

Armed with war paint, a guitar and a powerful yet chipper voice, San Francisco duo Happy Fangs unleashes flurries of pop energy and punk grit. Since the band’s conception, the driving force has been the claws of Mike Cobra’s guitar riffs clashing with the sweet, piercing vocals of Rebecca Gone
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Alumnus talks professionally clowning around in stand-up comedy

Born in Taiwan, raised in Houston and educated in the Bay Area, Sheng Wang has always been accustomed to the transient state of the comedian lifestyle. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2002, Wang started his comedy career hitting up the open mics in the venerable San Francisco comedy scene.
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Neveready to make music from new outlooks

Christian Clark is the quintessential musician — sanguine, but not laconic, when he describes the formation of his band, Neveready. One of six members, he both sings and plays guitar. Clark’s distinctly Southern Californian drawl and punctuated sentences (“jeez man,” “like,” “you know”) accent the “je ne sais quoi” that
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Anya Kvitka sells her soul music but never sells out

There’s a reason San Jose’s Anya Kvitka has received numerous awards recently, including Best Breakout Musical Act from CBS. Combining hip-hop, jazz, R&B, rock and even a hint of reggae, Kvitka is a multidisciplinary artist with a powerful yet soothing voice that commands attention. While Kvitka has only one EP
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Humble Comics graphically depicts Far East history

When Gene Luen Yang entered the comic book world, he had humble beginnings in the literal sense. He began self-publishing under the name Humble Comics. His most popular work, “American Born Chinese,” was the first graphic novel to be a finalist for the National Book Award. He also continues to
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A competitive celebration of Oakland’s musical soul

In an effort to promote Oakland music and local artists, Sarah Sexton of Oaktown Indie Mayhem and Cortt Dunlap of Awaken Cafe have teamed up to create Oaktown Music Festival — an online-based battle of the bands. Soliciting nominations from the Oakland community and putting together an all-star jury of
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‘Linsanity’ producers talk playing to one’s assets

This past weekend and through this week, Rialto Cinemas Elmwood on College Avenue is hosting a limited-engagement showing of the Sundance Film Festival movie “Linsanity,” named after the viral pun about the hype surrounding NBA star Jeremy Lin. The film was produced by UC Berkeley alumni Christopher Chen, founder of
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Synthpop duo Holy Ghost! not haunted by convention

Although many electronic artists perform onstage with just their laptops, New York synthpop duo Holy Ghost! chooses to perform using a live band to recreate its sounds. Originally in hip-hop, Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser switched over to disco electro-dance and released their first EP as Holy Ghost! in 2010.
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