A competitive celebration of Oakland’s musical soul

In an effort to promote Oakland music and local artists, Sarah Sexton of Oaktown Indie Mayhem and Cortt Dunlap of Awaken Cafe have teamed up to create Oaktown Music Festival — an online-based battle of the bands. Soliciting nominations from the Oakland community and putting together an all-star jury of
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‘Linsanity’ producers talk playing to one’s assets

This past weekend and through this week, Rialto Cinemas Elmwood on College Avenue is hosting a limited-engagement showing of the Sundance Film Festival movie “Linsanity,” named after the viral pun about the hype surrounding NBA star Jeremy Lin. The film was produced by UC Berkeley alumni Christopher Chen, founder of
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Synthpop duo Holy Ghost! not haunted by convention

Although many electronic artists perform onstage with just their laptops, New York synthpop duo Holy Ghost! chooses to perform using a live band to recreate its sounds. Originally in hip-hop, Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser switched over to disco electro-dance and released their first EP as Holy Ghost! in 2010.
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Steep Ravine swaps songs for Hawaiian hamburgers

Making its start in January 2013 as a Hawaiian-bar-and-grill jam band, Steep Ravine and its unique version of bluegrass has recently found its way into the Bay Area music scene. Fresh out of UC Santa Cruz, the group hopes to put down roots in the East Bay, where three of
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Bruce Beasley: internationally known lord of the rings

Walking to UC Berkeley from the Downtown Berkeley BART station, onlookers have noticed a peculiar development. A cluster of interlocking rings marks the campus’s westernmost entrance. And it’s crawling with kids. The creator, Bruce Beasley, could not be more delighted.  The sculptor is a rock star in the art world.
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Standup comedienne stands up for sushi servers

Fitzpatrick’s new standup performance about working in an exclusive sushi restaurant in Aspen, Colo., mixes an insider’s look at the outlandish lives of wealthy vacationers with quippy “service industry” humor and interwoven personal epiphanies.
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Voices: An international sound out of Cloyne Court’s cellar

Originally formed in 2009 at the Berkeley student cooperative Cloyne Court, Waterstrider has gone through quite a few metamorphoses since their incarnation. Guitarist and singer Nate Salman started as a solo artist and then quickly joined forces with other musicians, including conga player Brijean Murphy. This turned into a six-piece
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