3 hilarious Twitter accounts you should be following

Sure, Twitter is a great place to browse through headlines, stay up to date on important news and disseminate revolutionary ideas. But we at the Clog think that a home page full of news sources alone can be quite depressing. What you just read might be the ultimate first-world problem.
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Downtown Shattuck: shaped by buses, ferries and trains

Downtown Shattuck Avenue has undergone several generations of mass transit, the relics and pieces of which are integrated into the restaurants there today. In the pioneering days, the mile-long pier that once docked ferries to and from San Francisco dropped off passengers at Center and Shattuck. Now Center Street is
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Flashback Friday: early days of being a gamer

With the big trade show known as E3 finally wrapped up, gamers have a whole lot to be excited about in the upcoming year. With more news about Sony’s and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles and announcements about a variety of new games, there can be no better time than now to
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benjamin zander

TED Talk of the week: Benjamin Zander on ‘shining eyes’

Benjamin Zander’s TED Talk might be the best speech you’ve never heard of. Seriously, it’s amazing. In it, the American conductor uses classical music (that’s right) to humor, manipulate and inspire members of his audience to their feet — even bringing some to tears, and it’s not hard to see why.
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Life lessons to take away from country music

Sometimes it can be difficult to grasp the deeper meaning buried within the lyrics to a song. A lot of artists on the radio today take pride in their ability to stump the listener with their profound words, while others write things that just don’t make any sense at all.
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Since late May, Turkish protesters have been clashing with the police in cities across Turkey. Here, a protester is confronting the police in Taksim Square in Istanbul.

Playlist of the week: riot mix

These past few weeks have been full of intense political controversy, from the NSA surveillance leak in the United States to the anti-government riots in Turkey. Given all of the recent  upheaval, we at the Clog thought it would be appropriate to feature tracks with poignant political messages that apply
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13-06-10 App of the Week, momenTOGO

App of the Week: momenTOGO

Name: momenTOGO Platform: iOS Price: Free Description: Capture the moment and share your memory Today our spotlight turns to Fred Scarf, one of our very own Berkeley students in Interdisciplinary Studies, who has spent eight months creating momenTOGO for the iPhone. Upon seeing a close friend succumb to cancer at
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13.06.14 We Spy Sweaty Balls

We Spy: sweaty balls

For those of you unaware of the typical behavior of certain phallic genitalia — which probably extends to very few of us at Cal — they tend to perspire. The highest concentrations of these moist, dripping reproductive organs tend to be around those who emerge from the RSF without showering,
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