Why comics matter

Comic books are a fascinating subject that, over the last few decades, have caught on in academia and mainstream news outlets such as the New York Times, which published a piece on comics series that would make good TV shows. However, writing about why people should read more of them
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Independent candidate Stanford Bush ruins ASUC campaigning

To kick off the first week of campaigning, staffers and candidates on Sproul Plaza were met with an unexpected thunderstorm Monday. However, contrary to popular belief, the tempest was not the working of Mother Nature’s wrath but rather the campaign designs of independent ASUC presidential candidate Stanford H. Bush. When
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Getting rejected from college doesn’t make you worthless

It’s that time of year again. When the letters go up on Facebook, admissions officers are cursed under the breath of angry students everywhere, and countless drama queens (and kings!) proclaim that their lives are totally over because they didn’t get into the college of their dreams. So here’s a
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8 tips for creating a good relationship with your roommate

In an ideal world, your college roommate is your best friend. The two of you have similar interests, study habits and sleep schedules. You share your clothes, coordinate the furniture and decorate the rooms together. You invite mutual friends over for movie marathon nights and unforgettable parties. Unfortunately, real life
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Look, it hailed in Berkeley

The weather in Berkeley is getting too intense for us. Seriously, we at the Clog never wished for classes to be cancelled more than today. We thought the 70 ft tree struck by lighting — which fell on houses and destroyed property — would be the worst of our worries.
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Best places on campus to have sex

Let’s be frank. UC Berkeley students like to get funky in … interesting places. Many students even have “bucket lists” for locations around campus where they want to get it on. Some spots sound sexy, daring and fun, while others do not. Here, the Clog rounds up the best places on
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