Thursday app of the week: Jolidrive

Name: Jolidrive Platform(s): The Internet, iOS Price: Free Mission: Access all of your cloud storage and social media from one dashboard During last week’s App of the Week we mentioned that using the 25GB UC Berkeley won for each student on Dropbox or the 50 free GB students here get on
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Project Greenway Trashion Show

Top ten ‘Trashion’ trends

We’ve already seen Crossroads go more green with their reusable take-out boxes. But last Friday, Crossroads took it one step further and hosted the Second Annual Project Greenway “Trashion Show.”  (Trashion = fashion made out of trash.) You may be thinking, “Uh, no, I would not wear trash, that’s gross.”
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A guide to staying in the Bay this spring break

Maybe you’re from the bay and just want to kick it at home. Maybe someone’s coming up to visit you!  Maybe you’re an international or out of state student and the cost of going home is simply out of the question. Or maybe you simply procrastinated on buying plane tickets
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We Spy: coffee cup street art

We at the Clog love a good cup of coffee. In the midst of midterms and drowning beneath gargantuan stacks of assignments and six-page essays, we’re sure that every student here does, too. So we can definitely appreciate the coffee-cup street art we’ve spotted around Berkeley lately. Now we can
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5 ways to ‘get low’ at Berkeley Dance Marathon

When you hear that word “marathon,” there are probably an assortment of images that run through your head. You might be thinking of a grueling 26.2-mile run that makes you want to hug the toilet for the rest of the week. Or you could be thinking of a movie marathon,
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Can...Should You Date Your GSI

Should you date your GSI?

It is indeed discouraging to be staring at what appears to be a colossal train wreck, only to realize that you’ve been looking out onto the history of your love life over the past couple of years. Berkeley was supposed to be your time to sweep people off their feet
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Purple Kow

Purple Kow: threatening the ‘Boba Trifecta’

The most well-known boba places — Quickly, Sweetheart and Moccacino Cafe — constitute what we call the “Boba Trifecta,” whose ideal locations near campus and in the Asian Ghetto have brought them flocks of sugar-slurping, penny-pinching college students through the years. Then, Sheng Kee Bakery broke up the little fiesta earlier this
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The Ceasar Chavez Student center sits on the North side of Lower Sproul Plaza.

BSFC cafe on Lower Sproul?

By now, we’ve become quite familiar with the idea that times, they are a changin’. Eshleman’s skeleton has cast a shadow since the summer, and now the construction on Bancroft hinders even the most masterful jaywalker — all reminders that Lower Sproul is about to go through a major makeover.
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tostie14 spring break

5 kinds of Berkeley spring-breakers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock — or a mountain of midterms and papers — you know that spring break is next week. The allure of a week without 8 a.m. discussions and endless club meetings is so irresistible that if you have no exams or papers due this
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Evan Walbridge/File

Voting on keeping the Class Pass

Have you ever wondered what it is the student government actually does to affect you? They have a huge election and loads of clubs have signs with little “ASUC-sponsored” signatures on their event posters. But other than that, the student government’s fancy-sounding meetings seem like a mystery. Well, one answer
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