10 Thanksgiving miracles for college students

Thanksgiving Break is coming up in just a few days! Whether you enjoy the holidays with your family or just relish in being able to sleep in without feeling guilty, you will finally be able to take a break (albeit a small one) from college life. But while the Thanksgiving
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Art a la Carte: Inspired by Ezra Koenig

We’re back with your weekly arts fix! This week’s post is inspired by Ezra Koenig, petri dishes and mothers, among other things. Eat your art out! 1. “Mommy and Me” has never looked cuter. Artist Mica Angela Hendricks collaborated with her 4-year-old daughter, Myla, to create some seriously beautiful surrealist
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The Big Game saga and its many letdowns — as told by Twitter

The Big Game — an epic face-off between Cal and Stanfurd’s football teams — took place this weekend! The run-up to the Big Game saw campus festooned with blue and gold decorations and refrains of “Roll On You Bears” and “Beat Stanfurd” heard around campus. However, with a nonfire Bonfire Rally and
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RA Roommate

How to handle a loud roommate

We’ve all been there. We were once freshmen living in cramped doubles or triples with roommates we were expected to tolerate for an entire year. Most of the time, this task is manageable — you restrict your mess to your portion of the room, and your roommate does the same. You
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Why does everybody have a MacBook?

Nothing typifies a Cal lecture hall more than the glimmer of those silver computers under the sweltering lights — and the ever-increasing feeling that you may be the only one in the room without one. Have you ever asked yourself why the hell everybody seems to have a MacBook? Well, we
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