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Travel Tuesday: our sweet escape

Now that we’ve survived fourteen weeks with the same professors, the same books, the same roommates and the same parties, the Clog is sure of one thing: we are pretty tired of Berkeley. Don’t get us wrong, we still think Cal is the most exciting place to spend our college
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Playlist of the week: spring cleaning!

Spring has finally sprung here around Berkeley. It’s visible from the pleasant — or perhaps not so pleasant — April showers and the beautiful sunny days soaking up sun on the Glade. And as the old adage goes (well, paraphrased!), spring is the time to clean. For some, it’s literal cleaning. (Hint:
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The most caffeinated beverages for your finals week all-nighters

Copious caffeine consumption is nothing new to Berkeley students, especially with finals rapidly approaching. Everyone has their preferred poison of choice whether it’s hipsters in your English classes carrying ginormous, reusable coffee mugs or your engineering buddy that has a pocket of his backpack reserved specifically for 5-hour Energy. While
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Emma Lantos

Brutus Hamilton: an athlete and a gentleman

Brutus Hamilton was not Cal’s winningest coach, highest paid coach or even Cal’s manliest coach (that last award would clearly go to Jack Clark), but there’s a good reason that this past weekend Cal hosted a Brutus Hamilton Invitational Meet at Edwards Stadium. So let’s take a trip down memory
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Pros and cons of biking at Cal

When it comes to bikes, our campus seems to be divided. An unspoken rivalry hangs in the air between the bikers and the walkers … the bikers just want the walkers out of the way and the walkers just don’t want to be run over. This week, our great university
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Dorm Room

Housing for dummies, part 1

For some of you, freshman year is coming to an end. Despite free wifi, a full staff of computer consultants, spotless bathrooms, tidy halls and cafeteria-style buffets  — despite all of that — you desperately want to escape dorm living. Perhaps it’s the card-swiping guardians whose nightly watch unsettles you.
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Campanile with Trees

Celebrate Arbor Day at Berkeley

Today is Arbor Day! The holiday is a celebration of trees and tree-hugging enthusiasts, so we at the Clog wrote a special tribute to the eco-minded at Berkeley. “But Clog,” you ask us, “I really don’t know a lot about Arbor Day. How can I celebrate Arbor Day here at Berkeley?
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13-04-26 Professor Patterson, A Powerlift Champion

Introducing Professor Patterson, a powerlifting champion

Though your professors may reign supreme in the lecture hall, you’re probably not too intimidated by them outside of the classroom. You might pale in comparison in a matchup of intellect, but you’d probably feel confident in your ability to sucker-punch them for that inordinately difficult question on that last midterm.
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Flashback Friday: superhero love!

For fans of comic book superheroes, it’s safe to say that your next six months will be full of super-hero-movie-induced enjoyment seeing as “Iron Man 3” is dropping May 3, and “Wolverine” and “Man of Steel” will be released this summer. And to top it all off, “Thor: Dark World” will
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