6 ways to spend Independence Day, California style

Pull out everything in your closet resembling the American flag to celebrate — you guessed it — Independence Day! If you have yet to come up with an itinerary for tomorrow’s red-white-and-blue extravaganza, allow the Clog to assist you. We’ve compiled a list of events to check out and things to do
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Why you shouldn’t care about Independence Day

It’s rather fitting that explosions mark America’s annual celebration of freedom. Adorned with signs of ‘Murica — including beefy men flipping burgers while wearing unflattering Hawaiian t-shirts, as well as the obligatory obsession with the nation’s trifecta of colors that litter the floors and walls of proud citizens — we
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Holiday sales to look out for

This Thursday will see red, white and blue plastered up and down nearly every street, American flags flying proud. And maybe a pom pom or two lining the more enthusiastic neighbors’ doors. But for those of you inclined to some good ole’ discounts to top off  fireworks, the Clog has
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3 tips to help you up when you’re feeling down

It’s sometimes weird the things that make us feel depressed — a 14-year-old incontinent dog, for example. Not because that’s gross and doggy diapers are degrading for all parties involved but because it reminds us that one day, in about 490 dog years, we, too, will require diapers. The fact
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Student takes in sunset atop Kingman Hall.

5 signs of summer in Berkeley

After finals, most Berkeley students scatter across the globe to study abroad, visit families, explore and party. The city left behind is altogether different. Here are a few signs that summer has hit Berkeley: 1. Open tables at Caffe Strada. Bustling and booming during the year, this cool and close cafe
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The Clog’s 5 favorite trees in Berkeley

Although UC Berkeley students don’t often admit their love for trees (for obvious reasons — we’re not about to cherish the enemy’s mascot, now are we?), we really are tree-huggers at heart. Some trees around campus stand out among the rest, however. So we at the Clog decided to list some
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5 ways to get rid of post-vacation blues

As college students on a well-deserved summer break, many of our summers are full of awesome vacations filled with parties, clubs, music festivals, indulgent meals, exciting outdoor adventures and infinite sightseeing trips. But if you have ever been on any fun-filled vacations before, you know that for every exciting trip
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Some upcoming Pride-related health events

You know how we’ve been telling you that summer would consist of beautiful days? June 26 was one of those days. The Defense of Marriage Act (popularly referred to as DOMA) was a federal law that barred the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages legalized by the states. But that
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The man behind the world’s safest house

A real caped crusader lurks on Berkeley’s streets. Meet Eugene Tssui. With a resume that overshadows even the Dark Knight, the four-time master’s Olympics all-around gymnastics champion is, all at once, a flamenco guitarist, a Harvard University research scholar, a ceramicist, an author of seven books, a professor at Peking
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