Need credit? 3 last ditch ways to get your final unit

Are you taking it easy this semester? (Or, at least, easy by UC Berkeley standards). Do you find yourself struggling to find one more unit to reach your unit requirement? We’ve done our research and found some one-unit, P/NP classes that require you to do little more than show up. On
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8 reasons to wish you were a Cal athlete

Despite the rather disappointing lack of victories Cal football has provided us with, hordes of students and fans still show up to each game bleeding blue and gold and screaming “Bear territory!” at the top of their lungs. And why is that? Aside from the fact that all Golden Bears
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7 signs you transferred to Cal

Did you just transfer to Cal? If so, you’re part of the 20 percent of Cal’s student body who are transfer students. We at The Daily Clog totally understand that a transfer student’s first year at Cal is different from that of a freshman. Transfers share some experiences with freshmen:
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10 random facts about Oski

What does it feel like to stand before a crowd of 63,000 wearing baggy pants, a lumpy sweater and a hairy American Grizzly mask on the hottest day in November? Step into the (size 15!) shoes of Oski, UC Berkeley’s beloved school mascot. For sports fans at Cal, Oski is
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Adobe products in the Cal student store.

Free computer software you need

College is probably the biggest financial investment you’ve made yet, so when you can find opportunities to cut corners and save a few dollars, the Clog is behind you. With the costs of tuition, housing and even basic necessities like food and toilet paper, it gets expensive pretty quickly. Luckily
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