Tunesday: UFO-gazing

When it comes to spending a pleasant night scanning the sky for UFOs, there are no rules to hold you back. There are, however, some important criteria for a good playlist to keep you company on your vigil. UFO-gazing takes lots of patience and enthusiasm — it’s like fishing, but
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Tunesday: Frosty synthpop

Now that the holidays are over, winter has settled in. Without the canned cheer of Christmas songs to keep you warm, you might be feeling a little icy. These songs certainly won’t fill your heart with warmth and joy, but they might commiserate with the lonely, frosty feeling you get
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Remembering David Bowie

When news of David Bowie’s passing broke Sunday, social media was flooded with posts from fans and friends alike, celebrating the rockstar’s incredible life in the wake of his death. What struck us at The Daily Californian most was that it seemed as if everyone had their own Bowie story
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Pop Outfits_Ilaf Esuf STAFF

Top 40-inspired outfits: 2015’s biggest hits

I’ve been in my tiny suburban town for a few weeks now, where sweaters and Uggs make you the Alexa Chung of Rocklin, CA, and the same pop songs repeat on every station during my five-minute drive to the grocery store. I’ve been consumed by suburbia. But I wasn’t going
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