Picks of the week: Cheap thrills

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“Mo’ money, mo’ problems” doesn’t exactly work when you’ve blown all of your spending money on cold brews from Equator and late-night runs to Kingpin. We get it. Now that you’ve fully dived into the deep end of this semester, you deserve some cheap thrills to tide you over for
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Tunesday: Autumn arrivals

The weather in Berkeley may have been unseasonably warm these last few weeks, but last Wednesday marked the first official day of fall. Usher in the change of seasons with the following songs, all of which are autumn-appropriate and sure to keep you company into the fall months and beyond.
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Tunesday: Genre-bending Covers

There are covers, and then there are genre-bending covers, in which artists take a piece of popular culture and reimagine it into a completely different style (whether that style is their own or a totally separate one). These covers can often be as compelling or interesting as the originals and
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Symbiosis Gathering 2015 Preview

After a brief 2014 hiatus, Symbiosis Gathering is back this weekend with another can’t-miss festival to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The four-day event takes place from Thursday to Sunday at Woodward Reservoir Regional Park in Oakdale, California — about two hours away from Berkeley. With a stacked lineup, an impressive
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Picks of the week: In the city

It’s the fourth week of school, and while workloads aren’t too heavy yet, you may already find yourself falling into a predictable routine that spans no more than a 10-block radius. Don’t get trapped in the Berkeley bubble just yet — there’s a great, big city just a BART ride
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Tunesday: Local Tunes

Maybe you’ve lived in the Bay Area your whole life, or maybe moving to Berkeley for college has been your first taste of NorCal. In any case, it’s quite possible you aren’t aware of the vibrant local music scene that inhabits the very streets of the region you love. Take
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Tunesday: A tour through K-pop

A rising star in global charts, Korean music is quickly becoming a more international scene. Getting into K-pop can involve a lot of work, so if you need a quick tour of some of the best songs the industry has to offer, take a break from studying and browse through
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