Tunesday: Roll the credits

The not-so-great part about the real world: You don’t have a soundtrack playing in the background that’s tailored to every moment of your life, like in movies. The cool part about the real world: You can totally pretend. Here are some songs for the especially transformative moments in your life,
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Tunesday: Summer jams

The summer we once craved in the midst of final exams and papers is finally here in the form of beach days, ice cream cones and late-night drives. With no more study sessions or trips to the library (for a good three months), we can finally sleep in and take
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Tunesday: Broadway’s best and brightest

  As the Tony Awards approach, we at The Daily Californian wonder what musical antics James Corden has up his sleeve and whether Lin-Manuel Miranda will perform a rap as his acceptance speech. But when you’ve been listening to the “Hamilton” soundtrack on repeat since September and you’re waiting for
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Grimes’ new music video is top-notch experimental cinema

  An all-American country queen, a Renaissance-inspired art student, a moody streetwear star and a dancer trapped in a cyber dreamland — this is the bizarre assortment of characters introduced in Grimes’ new music video for her latest hit, “California.” If you’re already thinking, “Holy crap, that sounds like a
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A tribute worthy of Prince

Prince wasn’t supposed to leave so soon. He wasn’t ethereal or otherworldly like Bowie. He was distinctly human. The prevailing joke that got passed around on Twitter when he passed (ahem) was of the petty shade and side-eye he threw at lesser beings in the constellation of celebrities he was
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Picks of the week: Last week of class

Well, it’s here. The end of the semester; the big finale. Teacher evaluations, group presentations and, if you’re horribly unlucky, the first final review sessions. Some may claim that this is crunch time, but really, the last week of class is the perfect opportunity to let loose, go exploring and
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