A tribute worthy of Prince

Dani Sundell/Senior Staff

Prince wasn’t supposed to leave so soon. He wasn’t ethereal or otherworldly like Bowie. He was distinctly human. The prevailing joke that got passed around on Twitter when he passed (ahem) was of the petty shade and side-eye he threw at lesser beings in the constellation of celebrities he was
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It’s lit with Lindsay: Flush

April Haul Pt. 1: “Flush” — Virginia Woolf “Orlando” — Virginia Woolf (I love Virginia Woolf, and I’ve been waiting to finish these two books before I put them on my haul. I haven’t finished them — I’m only a few chapters from the ends of both. But I can’t
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Picks_Sarah Coduto

Picks of the week: Self-cultivation

It’s springtime, and the entire world seems to be blooming. But flowers and trees don’t have to be the only ones spreading their leaves! In this final push before the end of the semester, take some time out of your schedule to do the activities that allow you to bloom.
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Rotten Tomatoes_Rotten tomatoes_courtesy

The Rotten Tomatoes experiment

With “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” receiving an abysmal 29 percent on Rotten Tomatoes after such high expectations and anticipation, the discussion of how Rotten Tomatoes reviews represent a movie saw a massive upswing in the past few weeks. But oftentimes, this percentage takes on a skewed image. To
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It’s Lit with Lindsay: Remembrance of things past

March Haul Pt. 3: “They and We Will Get in Trouble for This” — Anna Moschovakis “Forty Rooms” — Olga Grushkin (new books, ordered online) “Remembrance of Things Past” — Marcel Proust (an old friend, reread over the break — a book I remember lurking around in elementary school. The
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Picks of the week: Post-spring break education

The end of March and beginning of April is a strange time. There is an anticipatory feeling that the semester is soon coming to a close. But because spring break just ended, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things in the classroom. After a week of school-free
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Picks of the week: Spring break

Many of us go home (or to Cabo) for spring break, but for those of us who call the Bay Area home and are staying in Berkeley for the break, there’s still plenty of to do in the area. Whether it’s going to see high-brow theatre, an iconic band live,
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