Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ trauma center of prime-time television, flatlining?

Richard Cartwright/ABC/Courtesy

This episode felt like a breaking point of emotional manipulation — it feels like the “Grey’s” showrunners are sensing that their time is up. Any one of the events that transpired within these last two episodes could have been a several-episode or entire-season arc. The heartbeat of the show is wavering, strong enough for a fourteenth season, but after that, it will likely flatline.
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The power of film in music: A breakdown of Francis and the Lights and Chance the Rapper’s ‘May I Have This Dance (Remix)’ video

Francis Starlite/Courtesy

This video has no story structure, but it has characters, and it absolutely has an emotional narrative, conveyed exquisitely, precisely and at times frustratingly through the most subtle applications of motion, through the most sudden applications of lighting shifts, through distance, through color, through dance.
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