The Man Bun

Protect the mun (man-bun)

Just as the murse trend swept the nation, the mun has reached the United States. While forever a popular hairstyle for our English-speaking mates across the pond or those living “down unda,” American men have finally caught on that girls dig the luscious flow. Ladies and gentlemen, you can thank Jared
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Kanye West lecture welcomed at Cloyne Court

Kanye West is arguably one of the most ridiculous, recognizable public figures in popular culture. As he is often considered outspoken and confident to a fault, the artist’s outstanding discography and vulnerable lyrics are too frequently overshadowed by his public persona. Underneath West’s outrageous outward character lies a story framed
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Director of ‘Wiglum’ loves filmmaking in the Bay

It’s easy to grow blind to the beauty all around us. It happens quickly and quietly, without so much as two week’s notice, as the glorious cosmos slip through the cracks of our very fingers. “Wiglum,” a production created by UC Berkeley alumni and students, addresses just that. The short
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