Top 5 places to watch The Academy Awards


Missing out on the Oscars because you don’t have cable access? Did your invite to the legendary Vanity Fair after party get lost in the mail? Fret not, film fanatic. There are plenty of budget-friendly places in the Bay Area for you to get your #Oscars groove on. Check out
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Bidding farewell to NBC’s ‘Parenthood’

Parenthood NBC image

Dynamic writers. Impeccable music choices. Palpable and raw acting. Painfully relevant topics. These are all factors that guarantee a successful, highly-rated television show; they are also clear components of Jason Katims’ second major television series, “Parenthood.” Following major success from the critically-acclaimed “Friday Night Lights,” Jason Katims created a second
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History of the Berkeley Art Museum

Berkeley Art Museum

While the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive will unfortunately be closing its current location on Bancroft Way this year, it has had a great run over the past 50 years. The museum’s incredible collection of art, with nods to so many different periods throughout history, will be moving to a new
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Film festivals prepare to take Bay Area by storm

Sundance season may be in full swing, but the Bay Area has some pretty awesome festivals of its own. Check out these upcoming events for film fanatics, all of which take place January through February. African Film Festival at UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (Jan. 17 –
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Netflix adds film favorites to January roster

Celebrate the last remaining days of your freedom with these newest films on Netflix for January! Seems like the streaming site may be adding a few ‘90s and early aughts faves to their inventory… “The War of the Worlds” [1953] Loosely based on H.G. Wells’ 1898 novel of the same
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Staff picks for fun, quick reads over winter break

It’s winter break, and ‘tis the season for the inevitable dilemma of how to kill time on an excruciatingly boring plane ride or car trip. I’ve compiled a few charming novels to make time fly – they’re mostly personal favorites that I’ve found to be enjoyable, feel-good reads. To avoid
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Modified from Barbara Willi under Creative Commons by Sabrina Werts, Senior Staff

Week in events: Dec. 15 – Dec. 19

Behold: the last week of the semester before winter break! Despite the fact that you have finals this week, you might still have some free time. If you’re stuck in Berkeley, check out these ways to enjoy the wintry beauty of the Bay Area. Monday, Dec. 15 6:30 p.m.: The
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‘Serial’ recap: 1×09

Note: This recap contains spoilers for “Serial” up to and including episode 9, “To Be Suspected,” but does not include any spoilers beyond information outside the show. With only three episodes left of “Serial”’s first season, which is still blowing up the charts on iTunes, I doubt any last-minute revelations
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Rainy day Tunesday

As Berkeley is getting colder, you might notice that your mood is changing as well. Maybe it’s because the trees look greener than they ever did before or that the sun looks like a different kind of beautiful when it peeks out after a rain shower — but slower songs
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