Picks of the Week: Get Cultured

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Kim Erlandsen/NRK P3/Courtesy

We all like to culture ourselves, but after awhile, watching low-fi YouTube videos of Fleetwood Mac live just doesn’t cut it. This week, challenge yourself to broaden your artistic horizons. Explore the wonderfully cultural Bay Area, and hopefully find an experience that affects you. This week’s Top Picks will help
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Tunesday: Coming home

The holidays are approaching and for most of us, that means packing our bags and heading home. Yet for others, nostalgia sets in as we reminisce on heart-wrenching memories of the past. Let yourself get lost as you settle into the comfort of your home with these tunes. “Home”— Daughtry
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Tunesday: Shower with Frank, Nina, Bobby and Amy

Midterm season and California’s drought may seem like valid reasons to skimp out on showers. But when the stream of tests finally ends and you start to attract flies, we have the perfect playlist for you. Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra Ol’ Frank is a suave gentleman
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Which Fetty Wap ‘Yaaah baby!’ are you?

  It is rare to listen to rapper Fetty Wap without coming across at least one iteration of his signature “yaaa baby!” in any of his trap-inspired pop singles. Who knew that two words could express such a multiplicity of sentiments and experiences? If you have ever emotionally identified with
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Tunesday: Soulful songs of sin

There’s something both romantic and haunting about autumn. And it’s not just because Halloween is coming up. Gritty and poignant, these songs illuminate human sin in its most mundane forms — hatred, indulgence and obsession. Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday Written by teacher Abel Meeropol, “Strange Fruit” is a poem
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Picks of the week: Local haunts

We are at that point in the semester when our patience and motivation for getting out of the house and taking advantage of beautiful Berkeley are dwindling. Despite this mid-semester slump, find the last ounce of determination in your darkened lump of a soul and remember why you chose to
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