Picks of the week: Swing into summer

Purple PR/Courtesy

It’s the first week of summer vacation! Whether you’re bumming it back home on the couch or holding it down in Berk-town, these picks of the week will get you into the swing of summertime. Any time: The Story So Far’s self-titled album Although its official release date isn’t until
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The top 5 best dressed at the 2015 Met Gala

Monday night was the illustrious Met Gala in New York, where A-listers came to celebrate this year’s theme, “China: Through the Looking Glass.” All eyes were turned on the celebrities who came in full force, wearing fashion that did anything but bore. There were pops of color, similar style choices
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Analysis: Planned ‘Frozen’ sequel has a lot of ground to cover

What’s better than a multi-million dollar blockbuster hit? Two multi-million blockbuster hits. The masterminds at Disney are employing the timeless scheme of a follow-up to an otherwise would-be finished story. “Frozen”’s massive success has incurred itself a sequel. To be fair, the film’s popularity was not without good reason. It
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On the rarity of female influence at SXSW Music Hackathon

On March 16, the “How Innovation Happens” panel at the South by Southwest conference and festival, or SXSW, erupted in controversy. An audience member called out Facebook CEO Eric Schmidt for interrupting co-panelist Megan Smith, the United States’ chief technology officer, as they were discussing diversity in the tech world.
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The Man Bun

Protect the mun (man-bun)

Just as the murse trend swept the nation, the mun has reached the United States. While forever a popular hairstyle for our English-speaking mates across the pond or those living “down unda,” American men have finally caught on that girls dig the luscious flow. Ladies and gentlemen, you can thank Jared
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Kanye West lecture welcomed at Cloyne Court

Kanye West is arguably one of the most ridiculous, recognizable public figures in popular culture. As he is often considered outspoken and confident to a fault, the artist’s outstanding discography and vulnerable lyrics are too frequently overshadowed by his public persona. Underneath West’s outrageous outward character lies a story framed
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