We missed you, Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean-Carragh McErlean-Staff
Carragh McErlean/Staff

2016 is the year Frank Ocean boldly declared his humanity. For those who don’t know yet, Frank Ocean has released not one but two new albums this past week. The first, Endless, was a strange visual album of deep cuts, while Blonde was the pop album salvation counterpart. Both were
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Frank Ocean vs. the world

Frank Ocean_Frank Ocean-Courtesy
Frank Ocean/Courtesy

After four years, three weeks and 32 minutes of waiting, then hoping, then switching back to waiting — because time just goes on whether you like it or not and sometimes people call this waiting, although sometimes they just call it life — at 12:32 a.m. PST on Monday, Aug.
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Tunesday: Political race 2016

Election years come and go, but this year’s political race really came through. We’ve got one of the most uproarious election seasons our country has ever seen. While some candidates stepped down from the podium, others flourished throughout the primaries’ progression; supporters grew, campaigns grew, overall political craze grew. As
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Tunesday: Old-school R&B love

Whether you’re heartbroken or happily in love, you can always count on old-school R&B love songs to channel your love life. With their soulful beats and melodies, they always hit the spot. We’ve compiled a list of both somber and happy love songs to help you get through the rough
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Picks of the week: Cultural excursions

There is something magical about being able to simulate travelling the world without boarding an international flight. Thanks to the Bay Area’s vast diversity, it’s easy to explore another culture without the jet lag. For those who would otherwise be stuck in Berkeley with no fun summer vacation to speak
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Picks of the week: The great indoors

Despite what the multitude of jet-skiing and hiking pictures on Facebook might suggest, there indeed exists a group of us who prefer to stay inside. There’s AC, automatic immunity from sunburns and, most importantly, reliable WiFi. However, if you’ve already gone through all of the best museums and bookstores that
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Tunesday: Battle the summer blues

Though summer isn’t usually categorized as a melancholy season, something about going home, lighting sparklers and slipping into cyan swimming pools leaves a nostalgic sensation in its wake. Sometimes every happy summer memory feels fleeting. After the moment ends, you find yourself one fewer summer adventure away from returning to
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Picks of the week: Rise up singing

Sometimes, especially lately, the world seems to be a miserable abyss of despair. When oppressive forces make us agoraphobic and Facebook newsfeed rumination makes us claustrophobic, it feels like there’s no good in the world and no way to spread it. But there is: You can dance. Dance all over
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