Catwalk hip-hop

With its big egos and conspicuous consumption, hip-hop is not as distant from fashion as it might seem. The relentless ferocity of hip-hop beats and strength of its personalities molds hip-hip into a fitting runway soundtrack. Ad campaigns too can hitch a fashion brand to the popularity of a current
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Chilean Author Isabel Allende Speaks on Hope

Bodies sunk comfortably on couches or sat upon rugs to listen as the lilting, accented voice of acclaimed Chilean author Isabel Allende washed over all like a comforting blanket on this past Thursday evening in the Morrison Memorial Library on campus. Allende, a diminutive woman, shared her prose and opened
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Girls, Girls, Girls

Lena Dunham’s new HBO show “Girls” debuted April 15. If you have an internet connection you’ve read about it. There are some buzz-phrases that pop-up a lot. Here’s a quick guide to what you might find if you watch take a look. The show is “coming of age in a post-recession,
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When holograms meet hip-hop: Tupac at Coachella?

As most of you know, this past weekend was the first weekend (there are two of them now) of the perennially sold-out and much talked about Coachella in Indio, California. Hip-Hop fans were in for a treat, with a performance from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Warren G, 50 Cent,
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Sample Sundays: The Eminem Show

Sample Sundays (it’s author, really) has made, admittedly, another alarmingly atrocious mistake. An egregious infraction in it’s planning (there really isn’t one — and if I didn’t say anything, you wouldn’t have noticed … let’s be honest). I have failed to mention, if my elephant’s memory serves me correctly (as
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A cultural connoisseur’s guide to Tele-Bears

The dawning of Tele-Bears can be something like the lead-up to Black Friday. When the powers decide to open the doors to the site, students bust in; sometimes we crash server. It’s important to pick wisely, because there are only so many classes you can fit in your cart and
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Daily Cal Street Style: We’re Back

Dear and loyal readers, we, your well-coiffed and spry style photographers (who, despite all conceivable odds, still find themselves very single and alone), are back with a vengeance. Enjoy the shots. In the end, the outfits that will be remembered are those that stand out like a flare shot into
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The Art of Politics

The circus has come to Sproul Plaza.  But this time it is more of a debacle than a spectacle.  Due to the ASUC elections, the plaza has been temporarily transformed into a place for wily candidates to pounce upon the unsuspecting pedestrian and assault them with flyers, all the while
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