This Week in Sound: 2012 Grammys Edition

So guys, about last night… Yup, the Grammys have come and gone once again this year. We got to see everything from the dance party led by David Guetta and Deadmau5 to the Beach Boys reunion performance, to Chris Brown dancing around on stage with some flying squirrels — I
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Sample Sundays: Punk Paper Planes

What’s up people? Last Sunday was the Super Bowl, and that means that last weeks edition of Sample Sundays should have been more topical, so I’ll try to keep myself abreast of anything that might be significant to a large group of people in this nation (I doubt it though).
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What’s Onstage: The Vagina Monologues

The middle of February at Cal can mean a lot of things: Valentine’s Day, rainy days, and looming Add/Drop deadlines. But few things in February have as many far-reaching implications for women around the world than V-DAY at UC Berkeley. The official mission statement of V-DAY is a global movement
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This Week in Sound: Rearmed, Remixed, and Revamped

Welcome back to your favorite neighborhood music blog! I know, it must have been hard without it, but This Week in Sound is back and with a new local focus. You’ll still get all your general news on CD releases, concerts and special events as well, so don’t worry, you’re
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Sample Sundays: From Ohio to Harlem

What’s good freaks and geeks? It’s Sunday, so it’s sample time suckas. It is also National Cruise Day. Now, I don’t think this day actually exists, but maybe it will swiffer the nation if enough people grab their girl, their boys, or just a guy on the street who needs
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The Magic of Ballet: SF Ballet kicks off 2012 season

Nothing beats the magic of ballet. The thrill of classical music, the allure of romantic tales and eye-catching costumes, all intertwined with the most skillful, graceful and dramatic dance form. Going to the ballet is like experiencing aesthetic poetry set to music. And that is not to mention the exorbitant
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Sample Sundays: Mel & Tim Are Insane

“Who you trying to get crazy with ese?” Sample Sundays is back in effect and you know I have to break y’all off with crazier and even more out there samples now that we are one semester deep. So this week’s sample comes straight out of left field. I don’t
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Sample Sundays: Calling on Jon B.

What it mountain dew y’all? It’s a new semester. Everything is full of promise. There are no grades yet and life is good. So, you know what that means. It’s time for Sample Sundays to break you off with some muzak for your hard drive. Now, since we all will
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The Art Genome Project

Books by the Kindle, movies by Netflix, music by Spotify: for better or worse, the technology revolution has changed how we consume our objects of culture. Only purchasing artwork remains virtually free of battery life, keyboards, and the World Wide Web. An upcoming project,, intends to transform a historically
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What is “Berkeley Enough?”

After receiving some Internet attention for his comedic music videos “Yoga Girl” and “Whole Foods Parking Lot,” DJDave hits us with the new single “Berkeley Enough.” Apparently the middle-aged rapper left the Bay and moved to L.A. 20 years ago, as it becomes clear when he debates his Berkeley-ness with
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