This Week in Sound: Of Crows and Chiefs

While this week seems to be fairly quiet in terms of sound — cue tumbleweed — there are still a few CD releases and concerts that might just grab your attention. Releasing his 17th album this week, Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball has been viewed as his angriest album yet. The
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sample sundays

Sample Sunday’s: Whut? Thee Superman Lover’s

What up y’all? It’s Sunday and it’s sample time. So it should come as no surprise that I’m feeling especially funky. And there is really only one thing to do when the funk hits you — play some! Now, where to go when searching for the funk? That’s one hell
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Daily Cal Street Style: Weird Weather

Welcome to the second installment of the Daily Cal’s new weekly street style blog. We, your faithful (and still single) fashion photographers, are here yet again to present you with some of this week’s stand out styles seen around Berkeley. The week’s weird weather brought out varied styles from sun
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Sproul Concerts: Then and Now

Besides being a sunny place to hang out between classes, Lower Sproul is also a sometimes-stage for some pretty cool musical acts and has been for a long time. Since 1964, SUPERB (Student Union Program, Entertainment, and Recreation Board) has been hosting concerts, movie screenings, games, and trivia nights for
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A better life YouTube screengrab

A Better Life: Director Chris Weitz Talks Immigration

Poignancy can be found in the most unexpected places, including Cal’s very own Dwinelle Hall, where the Center for Latin American Studies screened “A Better Life” on February 23rd. The film depicts undocumented gardener Carlos Galindo’s struggle to recover his newly purchased work truck, which serves as his only hope to
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Post-Punk Band Cloud Nothings to Attack SF

If you’ve heard nothing of Cloud Nothings, it’s time to take a listen. The Cleveland post-punk band’s latest record, Attack on Memory, is heavy and introspective, the kind of album that holds one in suspense and then surprises with its heavy guitars. Dylan Baldi’s grainy, plaintive vocals shout and crackle
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State of the Art: Hotel Murals, Rick Santorum, and Happy Hour

Abroad: Matt W. Moore at Vincci Bit Hotel in Barcelona Vivid geometric graphics now cover the hallway of Vincci Bit Hotel’s fourth floor in Barcelona. The creator behind this massive multi-colored optical illusion is Maine-based artist Matt W. Moore, who used 14 gallons of paint to complete the 50-foot mural.
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Will Ferrell Casa de mi padre

Will Ferrell coming to UC Berkeley

Your favorite anchorman and elf has changed his ethnicity for his newest role. Will Ferrell will be coming to Wheeler Auditorium at 8 p.m. Monday for a free advanced screening of his newest film, “Casa De Mi Padre.” Directed by Matt Piedmont and featuring Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna
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