Cover Stories: surprising cover songs that cross genres

Florence covers Drake, Miles Kane does Beatles

An artist performing another artists’ song is an important part of the world of music. Covers can mark the proliferation of certain influences and styles, and the expansion of musical perspectives. They can be a nod of approval to fellow artists, or opportunities for cross-genre experiments. They might also be
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Marty Made That? — The eclectic career of Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s influential presence in the last 40 years of cinema is an undeniable thing of beauty.  For a director that has spent more than half his life in the film industry, Scorsese has produced a relatively small filmography with only 34 movies made in nearly half-a-century.  But such longevity
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This Week in Sound: Local beats and English tunes

As we all recover from  a post-Thanksgiving food comas and frenzied shopping escapades, it seems that the music scene has hit a lull week as well. While there aren’t many big CD releases this week (unless you’re dying for the new Trey Songz album), there are a handful of concerts
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Sample Sundays: “Big Poppa” between the sheets

What up y’all? Sample Sundays is here once again to bring the “Flava In Ya Ear” like Craig Mack (If only he would’ve been on a different record label). Now, after all that Thanksgiving food has been digested, and you’re feeling especially rotund, portly, obese, morbidly obese, what have you,
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Artists defy structure restrictions at Occupy Cal

Deep in the center of Sproul Plaza, lies an eight-pointed star. It consists of a conglomeration of odds and ends:crushed cans of coconut juice, Red Bull and Dr. Pepper, orange peels, wooden shavings, flowers, twine balls and pumpkins; a blue can stuck to a computer chip, a rusted pill box and a Tibetan goddess
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This Week in Sound: Occupy sound

Today, Occupy Cal brings in some music to propel the movement. Cal alumnus Jeff Chang will be one of the open university teachers for the day.  Chang, whose record label helped launch the careers of DJ Shadow, Blackalicious and Lyrics Born, is the winner of numerous literary awards and is
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Saturday in the City

For those not trecking to Stanford for the Big Game, indulge your artsy side in San Francisco. Epicenter of culture and creativity, the city offers gallery openings, special exhibitions, and exciting arts events each weekend. Here are my top must-sees to check out this Saturday: 

Say goodbye to these! Or, an interview with Judy Greer

In the wake of Alexander Payne’s new film “The Descendants,” I had the opportunity to speak with actress Judy Greer, who plays a small but meaningful role alongside George Clooney in this movie. To discuss her role in “The Descendants” in full would require a lot of spoilers, so I
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