How parents can be cool: ‘Rad Dad’ book tour

What is that thing called parenting? How does one go about doing that today? How about in a way that is politically conscious and maintains the right values? “Rad Dad: dispatches from the frontiers of fatherhood” explores those questions and more. Released in September from Microcosm, the book is a
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The Bay Area weekend in film

Tonight marks the beginning of another year of our of our lucky area’s favorite film festivals, Cinema by the Bay. This festival showcases the work of filmmakers, local and beyond, with a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of these films were shot and made here, and others
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Pinays keepin’ it bold and sassy on stage

Girl power is best served brash and proud, and this theater group knows how to pack a punch. PMSTA (Pinays Maintaining Sisterhood Through Art) is a Filipina American women’s theater group and performed the closing night of its latest production, “Death of a Player,” this past Saturday at Bindlestiff Studio.
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Some Halloween magic and mystery

Feet bolted in stocks, he is slowly lowered upside-down into a chamber filled with water. Two minutes. His body writhes back and forth as he scrambles to escape. The orchestra lifts into an eerily calm rendition of “Asleep in the Deep.” Blood rushes to the brain and lungs begin to
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The Residents get theatrical at Berkeley Marsh

Halloween, while fun, does bring out the eerie and the eccentric among us. In the world of avant garde, experimental music, those eccentrics would be the longtime art collective known only as the Residents.


This Week in Sound: Trick or beats

It’s Halloween!! Although most people have been celebrating throughout the weekend, there’s still one more day of spooks and ghouls — and Halloween-themed music of course. For those looking for one last hurrah, Live 105 is hosting their annual Subsonic Halloween Ball tonight at the Regency Ballroom in SF. Originally
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Sample Sundays: Isaac Hayes

So this year “Halloween [doesn’t fall] on a weekend,” but you can still bump the tracks in this week’s Sample Sunday when you and your people go out trick-or-treating on Monday (Who says there is an age limit when it comes to free candy anyway?). Today’s sample comes from one
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Spooky thrills for the Halloweekend

Yes, Halloween is about candy and sexy costumes and partying. But remember that whole other aspect of it with all the ghouls and gore and stuff? I forget about it some years too. Luckily, this weekend the Bay Area is creeping with arts events to remind you what Halloween is
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Street performance considered: Stoney Burke

Yesterday, around 3 pm, in front of Dwinelle Hall, there stood the infamous Stoney Burke, in his green hair, his clown pants, and his whistle-blowing glory — cowering before a cop.  The cop leaned against his bike with all the pomposity of a man on a power trip. The most
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