Sample Sundays: Zapp, Seals and Crofts

What’s up y’all? It’s that time again – Sample Sunday time to be exact. This week’s sample comes to you from what has to be one of the top ten funkiest groups of all time – Zapp. Led by Roger Troutman – the king of the talk box – Zapp
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TV Land: The Cold Open

In the column this week, I attempted to distinguish “Breaking Bad” not only for its morbid violence, which is always delightful, but for its innovative and diverse visuals. They love to take risks over at that show even if it means putting actor Bryan Cranston in his underwear for an
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Lana Del Rey’s EP “Video Games” released

Before iTunes released her EP this week, Lana Del Rey had already been making the rounds in the music blogosphere, albeit with mixed reactions. Her title track, “Video Games,” was selected “Best New Track” by Pitchfork in late September, and ever since then, it’s been a battle between critics and
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Last days of Central Market Arts in the City this week

This is the second year for the 24 Days of Central Market Arts Festival in San Francisco. The three week festival showcases the talents of local visual and performance artists who have studios in and around Central Market. Once a vibrant theater district in the early 20th century, Central Market
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Sample Sundays: James Brown, Eric B. & Rakim

What’s good, people? It’s Sunday, so you know it’s time for me to break y’all off with another sample, a funky treasure from the past that has given us some of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time.  As I did with the sample from last week (if you haven’t
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This Week in Sound: App albums and treasure hunting

Bjork’s new album, Biophilia, comes out this week, the Icelandic singer’s first studio album in four years. Bjork, never afraid to delve into the realm of innovative or obscure, has been working with Apple to make this the “first app album.” According to Consequence of Sound, Bjork describes the project
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Asian Horror Cinema and beyond

Who says that horror film has no place in scholastic discourse? On October 7th and 8th, Friday and Saturday, UC Berkeley will host an academic symposium entitled “Asian Horror Cinema and Beyond” at the David Brower Center (2150 Allston Way at Oxford). The event organizers are Miri Nakamura, assistant professor
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Memories of a forgotten season

“Football stories start describing the action: ‘Joe Montana threw a touchdown pass to Jerry Rice.’ Basketball stories begin: ‘He threw the ball to Michael Jordan, who hit the three-pointer at the buzzer.’ Talk to most baseball fans and their stories begin: ‘I went with my dad.’ Or ‘my mom.’ Or
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