Sample Sundays

“Heeeeyy! Look out now!” What up people? Welcome to the very first edition of Sample Sundays. This is a weekly series where I will be bringing you b-boys and girls the funkiest, freshest, soulful and downright eargasmic samples from hip-hop history. Now, for those of you who do not know
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TV Land: NBC Thursday Round-Up

So, this blog post is usually supposed to supplement the theme of my column that week. But, since I wrote about SNL and the clips of SNL and the commentary on SNL and the sentences that go on and on and on about SNL are interminable, I thought I switch
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TDPS Show, “Attempts on Her Life” to open next week

Be sure to see UC Berkeley’s Theater Department’s latest main stage show, “Attempts on Her Life.” “Attempts,” by British playwright, Martin Crimp, was first seen as a production done by the Royal Court in 1997 and since has been translated into twenty languages.  The play deals with the heavy concept
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Extremely bad and incredibly infuriating

A shoddy trailer does not always accurately anticipate the finished product of a film, but this one’s a doozy of a trainwreck. Stephen Daldry, director of such maudlin fare as “Billy Elliot” and “The Reader” — though I do have a soft spot for “The Hours” — has adapted Jonathan
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Spray on: ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ screening in Oakland

  Abandoned alleyways, bus stops, billboards, art museums, collections and galleries: graffiti seems to be everywhere lately. An art form that was once restricted to illegal, after-dark projects on the streets of major cities now pervades upscale art scenes and pop culture alike. This transition of street art is well
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This Week In Sound: alt rock overload

This week is gonna be a field day for indie/emo/alternative rock fans everywhere! Image source: Sweetlyrics.com Tonight and tomorrow night, Jimmy Eat World will be playing at the Fillmore in San Francisco. They’ll be playing Bleed American in its entirely for both of these nights. Jimmy Eat World are known
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Illustrated Song

The Art of the Music Video

The music video is a delicate and intricate art form. Done right, it has the potential to lift a song to new heights, extend its reach, force and meaning. Done wrong, it can leave an unpleasant taste, like an excess of sugar ruining an otherwise palatable dessert. And while a
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This weekend in Bay Area theaters

This weekend in the Bay Area, you have a variety of opportunities to catch exciting films both classic and current. The 3rd Annual Oakland Underground Film Festival kicks off tomorrow with “Yelling to the Sky,” which was a hit at this year’s SXSW and stars Zoe Kravitz — who really
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Plans announced for new BAM/PFA

This past Wednesday, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, currently located in two separate facilities on Bancroft Way, held a community open house to unveil the prototype for its new location. The plan has been underway since 1997 when the current BAM building was deemed seismically unsound and
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