Potential Final Four Teams

Phil Roeder/Creative Commons

The excitement of March Madness is only days away, but before we can kick off the Big Dance, there are, of course, those brackets to fill out. But making the perfect bracket is almost impossible to do, so here are some thoughts about predicting the Final Four teams. East Region:
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Players to look out for in conference championship week

It’s finally March, when all eyes will be on college basketball. But before we can speak about the obvious (March Madness), automatic bids must be handed down to the teams who win their respective conference tournaments. Every team has a chance to live the dream moment of lifting the trophy,
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MLS should change a flawed system

This Friday marks the start of the 22nd season for Major League Soccer, and even though this is a noteworthy milestone, it looks like the American game will never grow to a global level. One of MLS’ biggest objectives is to have a level of competition like that of Europe’s
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Las Chivas turning it around?

This past Saturday, Las Chivas de Guadalajara defeated their eternal rivals, America CF, to place second in the Liga MX standings. Although the joy that El Rebaño Sagrado brought to its fanbase has been long-awaited, the beginning of this turnaround dates all the way back to the 2015 Clausura season.
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Alaina Getzenburg_online

An Uncomfortable Truth

“But what about Ben? How do you feel about him?” Every time I have a conversation about athletes’ behavior off the field, I brace myself. Most likely whoever I’m having this conversation with knows that I’m from Pittsburgh, and they are preparing to combat any point I have with the
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Boxing is not dead

More than 100 years of boxing’s great modern history has led us to this point, where the world wants to see a boxer go up against a UFC fighter. Casual fans see this as the only intriguing “boxing” matchup after what I’ll admit was an abysmal year for the sport.
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