Boxing is not dead


More than 100 years of boxing’s great modern history has led us to this point, where the world wants to see a boxer go up against a UFC fighter. Casual fans see this as the only intriguing “boxing” matchup after what I’ll admit was an abysmal year for the sport.
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Dear Justin Wilcox: Don’t move into Sonny Dykes’ old house


(Disclaimer: The following story is not actually intended to dissuade anyone from buying Sonny Dykes’ house. It’s a nice place, really.) Cal football’s former head coach Sonny Dykes is selling his Piedmont, California, home, as first reported by The house, which is listed at $4.25 million, is the seemingly
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Key Moments in Super Bowl LI

We could talk about why this Super Bowl was the greatest in history or rave about Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl win and how it solidified him as the greatest player of all time. But what’s more important here is actually looking at the key moments that led to the
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Wild week in college basketball

The word “upset” has been integrated into many of our minds through its association with March Madness. However, last week we felt like we were in that time of year in one of the craziest stretch of days that NCAA basketball has seen. Put it this way: When’s the last
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Warriors at Wizards 2/3/16

The people’s vote

There has been no process more democratic in basketball than voting for the All-Star Game. Every year, any fan in any country with an internet connection can vote for whomever they wish to represent the Eastern and Western Conferences on the hardwood come mid-February. For years, fans have been ultimately
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La Liga Midseason Takeaway

For the most part, the history of La Liga has always been dominated by two teams: Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona. Since the start of this century, there have occasionally been teams that have defied those odds and were able to hoist the league trophy. And midway through the
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Yordano Ventura, Andy Marte latest victims of troubling trend

Major League Baseball has a major problem on its hands that requires immediate action. This issue revolves not around performance-enhancing drugs, gambling or hacking, but a substance which has become a staple in professional sports: alcohol. On Sunday, January 22, pitcher Yordano Ventura and infielder Andy Marte died in two
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Today’s 11 best soccer players

Recognition in soccer has seemed to veer in the direction of popularity instead of the actual work displayed on the field. It’s astonishing how some players are undermined even with the attributes they possess, so here’s a list of the best 11 players in the world and why they deserve
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