Net negative: what the repeal of net neutrality means for esports


Corporate and business regulations have always played a role in sports. Whether it be the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL, internal strikes and lockouts have affected the leagues’ entertainment products. Esports is no exception to this trend, and it appears that the young industry’s first major battle will be over the very medium that has allowed it to thrive.
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Cal CS:GO looks to turn around disastrous season


While David and Goliath is a characterization used all too commonly in sports, it would not be an inaccurate description of the tasks that lie before Cal’s “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” (CS:GO) team. Cal looks to turn around what has so far been a catastrophic season this weekend against one
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This week in former Bears (12/10 – 12/17)

Prior to the injury, Rodgers looked like the elite gunslinger who brought home a championship, totaling 1367 yards and 13 touchdowns while completing 67 percent of his passes in his first five games. In those five games, Green Bay had a record of 4-1.
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Jared Goff shines in 2nd season

It’s hard to explain just how poor the 2016 Rams’ offense was under former head coach Jeff Fisher unless you could actually watch a four-hour game and see for yourself that the offensive highlights came courtesy of the punter.
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The champions of the IEM Oakland 2017: Ninjas in Pyjamas!

NiP repeats as IEM Oakland CS:GO champions

Prior to the Thanksgiving break, Oracle Arena hosted one of largest annual professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) events on the West Coast, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Oakland 2017. IEM Oakland is one of several international esports events that are organized by ESL, the world’s largest and oldest esports organization, every year. This
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1st quarter NBA storylines

The most we can do about the Warriors is hope for an ankle sprain (or two). Otherwise, it looks like they’ll coast to their third NBA championship in four years. Even still, there are many intriguing storylines to follow, making for interesting games almost every night. The elephant in the
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