2017 World Championship Semifinals Stage at Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai, China on 28 October 2017.

SKT, Samsung to face each other in Worlds finals rematch

The last time the same two NFL teams played each other in consecutive Super Bowls was when Troy Aikman’s Cowboys beat Jim Kelly’s Bills in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII. For baseball, the Yankees and the Dodgers were the last two teams to face each other in consecutive World Series
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Courtesy to LoLeSports

4 teams move on to Worlds 2017 semifinals

The quarterfinals for the 2017 League of Legends World Championships concluded Sunday morning, after four exciting and suspenseful matches that, really, nobody saw coming. Here’s a recap of everything that happened. Longzhu Gaming vs. Samsung Galaxy Many favored Longzhu to win this matchup, given how strong it looked in Group
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Why Sacramento Kings are your 2022 gods of defense

Half-Court Shot

The 1990s Bulls. The early 2000s Spurs. The 2004 Pistons. The 2022 Kings. Yes, you heard that right. The next NBA franchise that will make you marvel at their defense on their way to the NBA crown isn’t the Sixers with their collection of No. 1 overall selections, nor the
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DeSean Jackson

Cal in the NFL: Week 8 Recap

Despite not finding the end zone Sunday, starting Jones Jr. should be a relatively safe venture the next two weeks as Detroit will play against a mediocre Green Bay secondary next Monday night and then the winless Cleveland Browns team.
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Week 7 NFL recap

Week 7 of the NFL was full of drama both on and off the field, so let’s get right to the biggest stories of this last weekend. Raiders Win But Questions Remain: What should we make of this Raiders team? They beat the first place Chiefs 31-30 in a thrilling
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Cal in NFL recap Week 6

With Aaron Rodgers gone for the foreseeable future, the Cal fantasy stat lines are going to more heavily rely on other players to pick up the slack. While this week big stat lines did not quite happen, Rams’ quarterback Jared Goff had the only notable of the day, as the only former Golden Bear to find the end zone. We’ll start with the (relative) highlight.
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NBA award predictions

Last year’s NBA Awards results were strange in many ways. The MVP came from a team with fewer than 50 wins for the first time since 1982. The Rookie of the Year was the 36th pick in the draft. What will we see this season? MVP This is shaping up
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John Wall is your 2017 MVP

Half-Court Shot

People have no idea who John Wall is. Okay, maybe they know his name. But for a college star, No. 1 overall pick, consistent All-Star who’s dragged an awful Wizards franchise to 22 games over .500 over the past four seasons, people know nothing about him. When he wins MVP
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The Birth of the Overwatch League

An international league of competition — it’s something that hasn’t really been achieved in professional sports. Yes, we do have annual or quadrennial tournaments where we crown world champions, but they require national sports organizations to select their own representatives that compete in the Olympics and other international tourneys. Instead, I’m
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