Group E to H, 2018 FIFA World Cup teams to root for

Anyway, America has no team to root for, and so we at the intersection of Byte and Bear have decided to compile a scientific, five-star safety-rated, and most importantly Leonard-approved list of World Cup squads to follow. Here are four teams from the last four groups that you should follow — Costa Rica, Germany, Belgium and Senegal.
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No Team USA, countries to root for in the 2018 FIFA World Cup

There will be no Clint Dempsey, Christian Pulisic or “American Outlaws” chants. No opinions about the men’s national team from people who haven’t watched since the last World Cup or lazy think pieces about the future of American men’s soccer. There is no consolation prize or solace in “getting them next year.”
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2018 NBA Finals shootaround

The only reason why I’m not calling a sweep is that I don’t want to bet against The King, who has put together one of the greatest playoff runs in NBA history. But alas, the Warriors will be victorious for the third time in four years.
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Overwatch League Logo

30 games in, Shanghai Dragons could end record-setting losing streak

Thirty is an intimidating number. It’s the number of days in September, April, June and November. It’s the minimum age for U.S. senators. Jack Weinberg was a student activist at UC Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement who coined the phrase “Don’t trust anyone over 30,” so it’s also the number delineating the generational gap between demographics.
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