Interesting classes that are still open

That 8 a.m. got you down? Have an ex in a section? Realized how boring your math professor was? Basically, you messed up. And now you need to drop a class and pick up another one that you might actually like. So what should you do? We at the Clog found a
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Ways to make space for a clean room and a happier you

As humans — and college students, especially — we tend to collect a lot of … stuff. Before we know it, our rooms are submerged in a sea of unnecessary objects that we’ve unintentionally held onto throughout the year(s). If you’re anything like us Cloggers, you’re starting to realize that this
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How to game your Recruitment Week

We are sure that, just like us at The Clog, you have received multiple invitations to attend information sessions, recruitment events, parties and reunions to check out the many clubs and organizations that our wonderful university has to offer. If you are starting to get somewhat overwhelmed by the large
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recruitment square

Which section of the Daily Cal should you apply for?

Applications for Spring 2015 employment will be due Friday, January 30 at 5 p.m. Contact Holly Secon at [email protected]

Modified from Barbara Willi under Creative Commons by Sabrina Werts, Senior Staff

Week in events: Jan. 25-30

Welcome to the first full week of school of second semester! You’re trying to balance seeing your friends again with buying your textbooks, getting back into the swing of your clubs with finding a summer internship, going to the new Safeway to put food back in your fridge with figuring out
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Which DeCal should you be taking this semester?

Image Sources: D Coetzee, Tambako The Jaguar, Tambako The Jaguar, photologue_np, Sean Contact Holly Secon at [email protected]