Actionable phrases for your resume

Career Center under construction
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We at the Clog recently came to the realization that we’d like to be employed after we leave the academic womb. So, since being jaw-achingly hilarious isn’t a marketable skill, we’ve been trying to beef up our resumes lately — you know, without actually leaving the house. Here are some of
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It’s fall, friends


It’s fall, friends! While Berkeley might still be in the heat of an Indian summer, it is officially fall. And, it has been for some time now. Grab your flannels, your most basic friends and go out and spend an excessive amount of money — and calories — on pumpkin spice
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A week in events: 10/5-10/9

Around this time in the semester, it’s easy to become so entrenched in schoolwork and the midterm daze that we forget that there is, in fact, life outside of class. Not only is there life, but Berkeley is always throwing down some truly righteous events. From guest speakers to concerts to
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Yik Yak found poem

How many times have you read something on Yik Yak and burst out laughing? How many times has a Yak reminded you of your own embarrassing moment? Why not take all these random, hilarious bits and create a found poem? If you don’t know what a found poem is, check
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Quiz: what your water bottle says about you

It’s UC Berkeley, so carrying plastic water bottles is taboo — why are those even made anymore? But that’s another topic. We at the Clog have noticed distinct types of water bottles around campus, and think that a water bottle can make a statement about someone’s personality. Find out what your
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