Dear quarter system losers


Dear quarter system losers, This letter is just a friendly reminder that while you’re all suffering with your various finals and summer fever, us semester kids are already enjoying vacation. Yup, our parents are doing our laundry and we’re hitting up all of our favorite local restaurants. Not that we need
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Hollywood’s guide to an epic summer

Liz Zarka/File

Summer is upon us and with that comes three months of complete freedom to do whatever we want, unless, of course, you’re tied down by some pesky internship, job or summer classes. Obviously, one of the first things you must do is watch all those movies you had been putting on hold.
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Songs that describe summer away from Berkeley

Audrey McNamara/File

After that final refresh of BearFacts, you’re at last ready to bask in every last day of your well-deserved summer break. You’ve come to accept your final grades after weeks of dread and anticipation upon seeing the screen of doom on a site, which is quite frankly hideous. The cycle of dread followed by acceptance is a motif here at UC Berkeley, which applies also when you face your midterm head-on or complete your weight-training at the RSF.
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Sproul in summer

Mary Zheng/File

As final exams have come to a close and students finally find their way home for summer vacation, Sproul is left as a ghost town for the long summer months. The plaza is barren with only the remnants of a few fallen club handouts blowing in the warm summer breeze. In the dead of June, one can only hear the ghostly echoes of the countless a capella groups whistle through Sather Gate.
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Thoughts you have when revisiting high school

No matter how many years it’s been since you graduated from high school, the majority of us have found ourselves revisiting these old, familiar grounds for many reasons. For some of us, these visits stem from nostalgic, bittersweet memories of old friends, while others miss the teachers that nurtured and taught them to
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Found poem from hometown car decor

Perhaps nothing is as accurate in depicting a group of people as the things they decide to put on their cars. Between bumper stickers, window stickers and license plate frames, one can get a fairly accurate view of who a person truly is. One of our intrepid Cloggers decided to
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Time Capsule

Time capsule for 2015-16 school year

If one were to fill a time capsule for the Class of 2066 to open, what would be representative of this school year at UC Berkeley? These are some memorable pieces of history from our 2015-2016 school year that will tell our future Golden Bears what Berkeley was like in our day.
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Finals in, Cal gear on

For those who don’t enjoy the convenience of living in the Bay Area, the TSA line at SFO or Oakland airport on the way home from break can seem like a bookstore catalog for the latest Cal gear. It seems to us that this sudden influx of Golden Bear spirit after the stress of finals is no coincidence. Once finals are turned in and the spring semester has come to a close, it suddenly becomes a lot more appealing to wear Cal gear.
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Thoughts on high school graduation

“Wow, is this really happening?” my sister repeats again and again as she adjusts her cap. Decked out in multicolored cords and medals, having sat through hours of speeches and well wishes, my little sister is now a high school graduate. Surrounded by her squealing peers and their teary parents, my sister weaves through the crowd to find her friends, while I follow dutifully behind as her token paparazzi. As I snap picture after picture and embarrass her with an appropriate amount of “you guys look so cute!” and “are you sure you don’t want a picture with so-and-so?” I can’t help but repeat to myself what seems to be my sister’s favorite phrase of the day: “Is this really happening?”.
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Your fun summer reading list

With the sun shining and days of nothingness beckoning, reading a book seems to be the last thing anyone wants to do this summer. But did you ever think that you could read for fun? I know, it seems unbelievable, especially after a semester of what felt like never ending
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