A guide to making friends as a freshman

Michael Drummond/File

During the very first week of school, UC Berkeley can be an intimidating place. From the people who jump out at you yelling to sign some random petition to ban Times New Roman font to the 800-person lectures, it’s a unique, eye-opening, strange yet lively place. College will teach you everything — how to get from
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What frats could serve instead of Vitali

Anna Vignet/File

As the start of the school year gets under way, the men in fraternity houses seem intent on serving as much Vitali as physically possible in order to make sure everyone forgets about this upcoming ordeal. Although the sight of freshmen shuddering with each shot is amusing, there’s definitely room for improvement
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How to make your small apartment seem bigger

Residence hall rooms might be small, but at least the furniture is pretty much figured out for you. Once you leave the not-so-comfortable nest, however, it’s completely up to you and your roommate(s) to decide how you arrange your apartment. And as if that wasn’t hard enough, the price of  an
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No longer a freshman

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a freshman. Every student at Berkeley has been a first-year student here at some point, so the whole ordeal is pretty unavoidable. That being said, it’s crucial for our egos that we don’t get mixed in with those starting from the bottom. Rest assured, we
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Mermaids, unicorns and the Loch Ness Monster

We’ve all been there before. Groaning in exasperation while we hop between the 12 scheduling tabs that we have open on our desktop. Somehow our schedules are still flaming hot messes despite stalking Berkeleytime, ratemyprofessor.com and Telebears  CalCentral like that cute guy from last week’s frat party. Eventually we just
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Calapalooza 2011

What a rush: finding your niche on campus

We all want to be liked, we’ve all thrown ourselves out there and felt the sting of rejection. So when you see the parade of formally attired, perfumed and, at this point, unjaded, unlabeled, fresh-faced PNMs on Piedmont Avenue next week, try to understand what they’re going through. With their
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Cal gear to get while your parents are in town

We at the Clog love our parents, and we especially love how excited they are for us that we go to the No. 1 public university in the world. So for the few days that they’re around while you’re moving in, you should take advantage of that excitement to go Cal
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Even celebrities need UC Berkeley doctoral degrees

Actress and political activist Ashley Judd recently announced that she’ll be returning to school to get her doctorate in public policy from UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. She already boasts a master’s degree from Harvard University and an IMDB page that’s likely more impressive than any of her future
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