The truth about Welcome Week

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You step into your freshly decorated dorm room after a final goodbye brunch with the parents. You glance over at your new roommate as you settle into your suddenly overwhelming awareness that for quite possibly the very first time in your life, you are alone. You have nobody telling you
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What to do during Welcome Week

It might seem like every night of Welcome Week people are only heading to frats, another party or desperately trying to get into Kip’s with a fake ID. But, there’s so much more going on! If you want a calmer night or going out isn’t for you, consider one of these
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Don’t forget, silly!

Hey, you! You are about to do something silly. Yes, something really, really silly — like trip on the last step of a flight of stairs because you thought you were all right not looking down since you made it this far. Look at this list of silly things not to do, study
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7 unique inventions to make college easier

While there may not be cars flying around like “Back to the Future” suggested there would be by 2015, we are still surrounded by savvy inventions. Some might seem and look strange upon first glance, but they’re actually pretty brilliant. Others you might not even know you need, but can make life a
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How to make the first day of school a vacation

The inevitable day of our reckoning is quickly approaching — the first day of class for fall 2015. We at the Daily Clog are already planning our next vacation to Coachella. Until then, the next best option is to create the ultimate vacation experience right on the UC Berkeley campus. Some
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Berkeley Dorms

Move-in day: what you’re actually thinking

Don’t worry if on move-in day you already feel a tiny bit frustrated with the exhausting process — it’s understandable. You’re probably attempting to act like a normal human to impress your brand new roommate and his or her family. Or maybe you’re trying to be on your best behavior for
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