3 workouts to optimize your brain power

Girls Running Stadiums (2)

Feeling sluggish? Reached for yet another cup of coffee for a hopeful boost of energy? Finals are tiring, and we understand your pain. Fret no longer, though, because we at the Clog have three workouts to give you a boost of endorphins to continue your study streak (or lack thereof) and
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Not-so-dead-week: Naked Run fall 2014 [NSFW]


Know what two things go together perfectly? Studying and nudity. We know how studying apparently makes all of us Golden Bears feel sexually repressed, according to our Yik Yaks. So it’s a good thing that on Thursday, we had the opportunity to either participate in or witness the greatness that
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12 signs you have end-of-the-semester antsy-ness

With thoughts of the comfort of home and a month-long break from the hectic life of a UC Berkeley student hanging over our heads, these next couple of weeks can be the most difficult of the semester. Those of us who absolutely cannot wait any longer to get home may
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The 6 people you encounter while home for break

Going home for the holidays offers a nice time to relax, binge-watch everything you’ve had to miss due to ongoing midterms and reconnect with old friends. Whether it’s your first time going back home from college or your sixth, there are certain people who never change. There will always be
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First semester wrap up: thoughts from freshmen

Is there a better way to experience UC Berkeley than for the first time? Getting lost in Dwinelle, going up to the top of the Campanile, losing yourself on Sproul Plaza among the flyers and tablers … these experiences come to define a UC Berkeley education, and wide-eyed freshmen eagerly take them
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The 5 approaches to dead week

1. “Working” Finals always bring out our worst habits. Our intentions are as pure as a softly flowing glacial stream, yet we always seem to find ourselves in the same position: burrowed deep in our beds like bugs. The stricter the study regiment we intend to follow, the faster our willpower
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KALX DJ Sick Sad World

Meet the student DJs at KALX

KALX-FM is UC Berkeley’s official college radio station. If you tune in to 90.7 FM, you can hear its trademark eclectic mix of music. In 1962, KALX was broadcast out of a humble cigar box from Unit 2’s Ehrman Hall. Today, the KALX studio is hidden away in the basement of
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The Daily Clog interviews Yik Yak

The Clog was pleased to get the opportunity to chat with Cam Mullen, the lead community developer at Yik Yak, about the growth of the seemingly omnipresent application across college campuses. While topics ranged from its impact here at UC Berkeley to the company’s global aspirations, one thing that came through the interview was the impact
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