Spring date spots

Rachael Garner/File

With the semester rolling to an end and summer about to begin in two weeks, what other time could possibly be more well suited to finally gather that courage to ask that person you’ve been crushing on to go on a date? This is also a great time to show
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Found poem: overheard on campus

Michael Drummond/File

We’ve all been guilty of eavesdropping on people’s conversations while we’re walking to class, sitting at the library or standing in line for coffee. Because we at the Clog are some of the most curious folk you’ll find, we put in some extra effort to catch lines of random conversations from
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UC Berkeley professors read mean reviews

Final Cut0

Professors react to the meanest comments they’ve received through the website Rate My Professors. Also watch our spring 2016 opinion columnists read online comments. Toby Ho is the Assistant Multimedia Editor. Contact him at [email protected] Contact Lauren Ahn at [email protected], Abigail Balingit for [email protected], Ashley-Grace Vo at [email protected], and Arda Sahiner at [email protected]

Bear near Doe Library

Lies we’re told as UC Berkeley students

Fresh-faced and free-spirited, we passed under the vast and profound Sather Gate for the first time, much as young children walk into their first day of “big kid school.” The possibilities for our lives expanded and flashed in our mind’s eye, causing our hands to tremble and our cheeks to flush. That
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Things you won’t miss about the dining halls

Eating in the dining halls has its perks. You don’t have to cook the food or pay for it really (because who counts meal points as real money, right?). You’re bound to find someone you know, so you never have to eat alone. And, of course, late night is always an option
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Letter to Parents

Dear Mom and Dad, this one’s for you

Amid the excitement as the school year of 2015-16 is finally coming to an end, let’s not forget that Mother’s Day will be the kickstart to our beloved finals week. Not long after that is Father’s Day. Whose smart idea was it to put them so close to each other?
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Quiz: Why are you breaking out?

In this difficult time when we’re all finishing up final papers and buzzing with anxiety and anticipation for finals, acne and pimples are simply a part of our adolescent, hormonal lives. Right now, we’re all feeling the pressure to succeed and plan ahead for RRR week and finals so we
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paper writing

How to quickly raise your participation grade

It’s the last week of classes, and your last worry before dead week is your participation grade. Whether you were too shy to ask questions or too absent to have any, a bad participation mark is now an existing threat to your final grade. But, it’s not too late. We at the
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Grand opening of Uranus

WARNING: NSFW For some time, Berkeley has had three planetary-named restaurants in the Shattuck area: Jupiter, Saturn Cafe and Venus. Now there’s another challenger on the block about to open, and it’s going to be out of this world. Uranus, the hottest new restaurant on Shattuck Avenue, is having its grand opening
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