The morning after Thanksgiving


Nov. 27. The day after Thanksgiving dawns too bright and early. You jolt awake in your bed, forced to ask yourself that eternal question: What happened last night? Your stomach is in excruciating pain, reminding you that perhaps the 10th piece of pumpkin pie was overkill. You force yourself out of bed
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DIY Thanksgiving feast

Amanda Hart/Staff
Amanda Hart/File
Amanda Hart/Staff

Thanksgiving is well-known as the patron holiday of the three Fs: friends, family and, of course, food. A significant number of UC Berkeley students will be heading home in the next few hours — or are already there — enjoying the company of their relatives, tearfully reuniting with the family dog
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What not to do during Thanksgiving dinner

Going home for Thanksgiving after three months of school can feel like the most liberating thing in the world. You want to see your family and friends, sleep in your own bed and share all of your stories from your first semester at school. But your perspective on things always changes
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Bingo: Thanksgiving edition

Thanksgiving is one of the most memorable — and hectic — celebrations of the holiday season. Sure, it’s always fun to watch the football game with your cousins, engage in impromptu debates with your grandfather or help your parents stuff an oversized turkey into the oven, but sometimes you just need a
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Things we hope to accomplish during Thanksgiving break

It’s comforting for us to dream about Thanksgiving break in the midst of our stressful schedule. The anticipation is the only thing keeping us going until we can go back to our families and push school as far away from our thoughts as possible. Here are some reasonable things we
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How to avoid awkward Thanksgiving topics for Dummies

We all know the feeling of sitting down at the Thanksgiving table with all of your family just dreading the questions revolving a significant other, grades or college partying. But don’t worry, because after thinking for a long time, we at the Clog have come up with various tactics to smoothly
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sather lit - kchan

Five occasions for UC Berkeley to get lit

If we were to graph school spirit levels over time during the fall semester, we would start with a line moderately high on the spirit axis. The line would be flat with occasional small peaks to represent game day weekends, and then one huge mountain of pride the week of
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