High on life

Emily Filkin/Staff

For our floormate it’s weed; for the yogi it’s trail mix; for Ke$ha it’s your love. Be it ibuprofen or Mary Jane, everyone’s got their drug — and for us at the Clog, it’s life. That’s right, you heard us. Our personal preference for getting high is this thing called life.
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An ode to Remy’s

Priyanka Karthikeyan/File

To our beloved Remy’s: We remember walking through your doors freshman year, the air filled with laughter and smell of beer. Your crowded embrace felt so right, nothing better to do Tuesday night. Rumor has it you couldn’t serve tequila, but you were a damn good taqueria. The place to go
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Iconic duos of UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is a place filled with iconic dynamic duos. Just to prove our point, we at the Clog have devised a list of iconic duos typically found around school. The Amazon Student Store and guard rail Chancellor Dirks and public funds Yogurt Park and the freshman 15 Wurster Hall and Greek life
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How to conform at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley definitely isn’t a place that screams “conformity” (although people here may scream it at you). And trust us, we know what you’re thinking: “UC Berkeley couldn’t possibly be a conformist place! Just think of the history! The Free Speech Movement was born here! What would Mario Savio think
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What people actually do in the library

We’re now officially entering midterm season, meaning that it’s time to hit up your favorite library and get some work done. Midterm season is undoubtedly a high-stress time, not only because of your imminent exams but also because of your peers who seem to be constantly studying. When you go to
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What do your Birkenstocks say about you?

Do you even go to UC Berkeley if you don’t own a pair of Birkenstocks? They’re practically the official shoe of our school, and we at the Clog are big fans. As self-proclaimed Birkenstock experts, this week we at the Clog are going to tell you what your Birkenstocks say
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Quiz: Should you put your dorm room on Airbnb?

Are you strapped for cash? Are your roommates out of town for the weekend? Are you fine with strangers rifling through your stuff? If so, we at the Clog have a suggestion for you — put your dorm on Airbnb! Take this quiz to find out if renting out your
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