Save your intramural sports team’s season


Hey, you! Yes, you! We know why you look so downtrodden. No, really, we do. It’s because your intramural team has already found itself 0-3, right? Oh, no, I didn’t know that. Really? Well, tell your mother to get well for me. You can’t reach her? Alright, we admit maybe we were
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Break-up letter to the midterm-season cold

Dear midterm-season cold, Please leave me alone. I’ve had enough of your selfish ways. You have absolutely zero consideration for me. It’s no matter to you whether I’m deep into a problem set or in the zone while cranking out my history essay. When you want something, you want it now. You
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Best ways to fight inevitable midterm stress

It’s that time again. Our favorite time of the year. The time that brings us so much joy and happiness and sunshine. The time that we have all be waiting and hoping for. Mhm, that’s right: Midterm season is upon us! No one really knows how it crept up so
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“Fifty Shades of Grey”: if Ana went to Berkeley

Whether or not you’ve seen or read “Fifty Shades of Grey,” we think it’s safe to say a large percentage of us have a hard time identifying with Anastasia Steele or her relationship with Christian Grey. In an attempt to understand her a little better, let’s make Ana one of us.
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The different types of spring break planners

Spring break in college is alien territory. No, you are not required to break bread with your third cousins in a state you would never otherwise visit. No, touring potential colleges does not constitute an appropriate holiday anymore. And no, you are unfortunately no longer on your parents’ plumper budget.
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