Worst first dates: UC Berkeley edition

Top Dog!

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy — clear signs of a first date. Or that we’ve become obsessed with Eminem 10 years too late. But more often than not, probably the first of the two. The anxiety that comes along with first dates is difficult for everyone. After all
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Spring has sprung: Here’s how to celebrate

March 20 marks the start of spring, which means only the best things: spring break, sunbathing on Memorial Glade between classes, class outside (we can dream, at least), hikes on the fire trails, Cal Day, flowers blooming and much more. Many cultures around the world celebrate the start of this season, and
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7 luxuries we appreciate at our parents’ houses

Spring break is almost here again, and we at the Clog are excited for more than just trying to break the world record for the number of consecutive days spent in bed. We’re excited for all those little luxuries our parents have that we cannot afford on a college student budget
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How to react to a tour group: a UC Berkeley student’s guide

At UC Berkeley, the tell-tale sign of spring isn’t blossoms in bloom or newborn squirrels frolicking around campus. It’s shell-shocked high school seniors and their parents, roaming the campus in hordes behind a college student walking backward. Once again, college-admissions season is upon us — a fact made all too apparent
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Spring break in Berkeley can be fun, too

To the out-of-staters, the international students and the plain lazy out there, we get it. Spring break is a mere week, which is not nearly enough time to head back to New Jersey to visit your high school buddies, let alone fly back to Japan just to spend a day
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Expectation vs. reality: Spring Break

Oh Spring Break, the vacation from school that indicates the approaching summer vacation. We are half way through the semester and this break is just what we need to refuel and ultimately end the school year with a bang. But beware, because this week-long vacation will go by quickly, so try
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ASUC declassified elections survival guide

Here we go again, fellow Golden Bears. Time is running out to map alternate routes around Sproul before candidates start walking you to class. #pleaseputa1nexttomynameonApril7 (or 8 or 9). For all those who do not peruse the ASUC’s website on the daily, the ASUC describes itself as the “largest and
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