5 ways to amp up your run


Bored of routine? Not seeing results? Sometimes, the 3-to-4 miler just does not make the cut. Spice up your run with these five tips to make you a faster and stronger runner! 1. Take it to the track The track is a playground to explore new ways to increase your Read More…

CalPIRG’s Go Solar campaign: what you need to know


Whether it’s your first semester or your last, you have probably been approached at least once by the on-campus environmental group CalPIRG. Perhaps you’ve accumulated a ton of their flyers and emails by now — maybe even texts. Perchance you’ve heard about their campaign, called Berkeley Go Solar! If you don’t know Read More…


7 lazy-day style staples

The further along you get in your college career, the less you’re going to care about your style choices. Let’s be real: It’s a lot easier to throw on some sweats and leave five minutes before class than it is to wake up an hour early, shower and prepare yourself for Read More…


Quiz: How prepared are you for midterms?

It’s midterm season! Concerned about whether you’re doing enough to be successful in your classes? Take our quiz to find out if you need to step it up. Contact Hopi Hernandez at [email protected]

Campanile with Trees

6 reactions you have to the sound of the Campanile bells

The Campanile is one of the most representative symbols of our university. We at the Clog, therefore, decided to compile a list of the most common feelings every UC Berkeley student has had regarding hearing that oh-so-familiar ring of the Campanile bells. 1. You love them. We have all reacted this Read More…

Michael Koh and Samir Makhani, co-founders of tutoring service uGuru

uGuru: re-envisioning tutoring at UC Berkeley

What do beer, Asian-fusion hot dogs and a lack of going to lectures have in common? They all contributed to Michael Koh’s latest enterprise, a website called uGuru. uGuru is a site that provides tutoring services to students at UC Berkeley by pairing registered tutors in specific subjects with students Read More…