Berkeley campus ‘staycation’

doe library
Nicole White/File

You don’t have to travel anywhere to experience the highs and lows of vacation: You can experience it all on the Berkeley campus. With our help, you can recreate the feelings of traveling and seeing new sights right here. We’ve listed the campus equivalents of popular travel destinations and activities.
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Clog book club: Books about Books

Mary Zheng/File

“Write what you know,” the cliche goes, and novelists certainly know books. They read them, they write them, and they write about them. This week’s theme is Books about Books — rescued books, secret books, book clubs, books with a past and books that demand to be read.   1.
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How to be a friendly Bear host

As many students who stay in Berkeley over the summer may experience, many of your classmates seem to not be experienced Golden Bears. Many non-UC Berkeley students come for classes, summer programs and internships at and around UC Berkeley every summer. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t be shy. We at the Clog advise
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Catching UC Berkeley nostalgia

From mountains or shores, metropolises or small towns, Scandinavia or Asia, UC Berkeley students come from all over the world — you can hear more than 200 different languages on our campus. When summer begins, our friends are just like migrant birds flying back to their own nests, traveling to places
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5 things we loved about the ‘I am Cait’ premiere

On Sunday, July 26, reality series “I Am Cait” premiered on E!, documenting Caitlyn Jenner’s public transition and her development as a spokesperson for the transgender community. The series aims to represent the struggles faced by transgender folks as authentically as possible. Jenner hopes to use her platform to spotlight
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emoji clothes

Quiz: Which Berkeley-themed emoji are you?

Props to Apple for creating an emoji that sums up basically every emotion we feel as college students better than we can even say in words. We at the Clog also appreciate the emojis that we assume were created specifically for UC Berkeley students, such as the bear and the
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trudy male

Little shop of odors: Trudy the corpse plant

Trudy the corpse flower just bloomed for the fourth time in the UC Botanical Gardens. We at the Clog visited her and listened to what her owner, Bill Weaver, had to say about her and other corpse plants. Trudy before she bloomed. Here are some of the fun facts we
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5 reasons we are train wrecks

This summer’s latest buzz-worthy movie, “Trainwreck,” is a comedic take on the realistic and oh-so-relatable struggle of what it’s like to be a total mess. The film, written and starred in by Amy Schumer, follows Amy, a character who leads a superficially satisfied and worry-free life of commitment-free sex and
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