Week in events: Nov. 24 – Nov. 30

Modified from Barbara Willi under Creative Commons by Sabrina Werts, Senior Staff

Behold — Thanksgiving break! We know most people will be returning home for the holidays this week, but there are still a ton of events for those who will remain in Berkeley. Here are some opportunities to engage with the community, welcome the winter and enjoy your vacation from school. Monday,
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Top 10 Netflix movies and shows to watch this winter

Now that the cold front has officially made its way into Berkeley, we at the Clog really only have one thing on our minds — Netflix. As cuddle weather commences, all we want to do is snuggle up and let mindless television carry us somewhere far, far away from the quickly
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What to do with your spare time over the holidays

We all know the drift. We walk out of school on the last day, triumphant and excited for the freedom that awaits. We get home, excited to do everything: eat, sleep, watch TV, spend quality time with family, play with pets and simply enjoy not having homework to do. But
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Dahquist Daily Clog Platter

A house divided: UC Berkeley-Stanford family feuds

It’s mid-Big Game Week, and we at the Clog have one question for you: Can you feel the pride coursing through your veins yet? If your answer is yes, (and it had better be), we feel you there. We’ve burned our red clothes and chopped down trees in a destructive rage,
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