Quantum of solace: Elmwood

  While the semester has only just begun, we at the Clog are already looking for an escape. We may be over-extended or overwhelmed by a demanding course load. Maybe we can’t say no to those pesky live-hawkers on Sproul Plaza, or we’re simply missing our moms. Regardless, the adjustment to college just never
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trudy male

Little shop of odors: Trudy the corpse plant

Trudy the corpse flower just bloomed for the fourth time in the UC Botanical Gardens. We at the Clog visited her and listened to what her owner, Bill Weaver, had to say about her and other corpse plants. Trudy before she bloomed. Here are some of the fun facts we
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Michael Drummond/File

BART adventures: Downtown Berkeley

We at the Clog have been working tirelessly to provide you with an easy list of places to go and things to see near some of the most interesting BART stations. Lately, we’ve been straying outside the safe cocoon of the Berkeley zip code. But there’s a whole world to
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Lake Merritt 2

Clog says take a break at the lake

The end of summer is going to be upon us soon, and it’s time to plan a weekend getaway. If you’re looking for an easy weekend (almost) away, we at the Clog recommend Lake Merritt. Sadly, an ordinance passed in 1912 prohibits swimming in Lake Merritt, but seeing as it’s been
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Tilden Park

Best running routes in, around Berkeley

If the boredom of running on a treadmill for any longer than 15 minutes has become torturous, but you’d like to run for longer than 15 minutes because it’s good for you, it’s time to leave the treadmills at the campus’s Recreational Sports Facility behind. Instead, try running some of the Clog’s favorite routes in and
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BART adventures: Fruitvale station

The Fruitvale station BART stop drops you off in the center of a Mexican cultural mecca. Throughout Fruitvale neighborhood you can eat some of the best Mexican food and baked goods in the East Bay, visit historic cultural sites and experience the yearly Cinco de Mayo and Dia de los
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Michael Wan/File

What to do when your parents are in town

Your parents are in town, and that means two things. First, you’re going to eat real food that somebody else makes instead of boxed macaroni and orange juice straight from the carton. Second, you’re going to get lovingly yelled at about things. It’s time for you to clean up your
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