13.06.14 We Spy Sweaty Balls

We Spy: sweaty balls

For those of you unaware of the typical behavior of certain phallic genitalia — which probably extends to very few of us at Cal — they tend to perspire. The highest concentrations of these moist, dripping reproductive organs tend to be around those who emerge from the RSF without showering,
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CREAM expands to Stanford

Breaking news: More Bay Area locals will now be able to experience the sweet goodness that is a CREAM sandwich. CREAM, arguably a grand favorite of Berkeley and East Bay residents, will soon branch out and open another shop. While we applaud the expansion of our favorite supplier of sugary
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Nicholas Dirks enjoys his first day at work as UC Berkeley Chancellor in a welcome reception.

Chancellor Dirks likes to have fun

In a surprising turn of events that neither his six-month impending chancellorship nor his half-hour interview revealed, the newly reigning Chancellor Nicholas Dirks is privy to basic human emotions, which include enjoyment, laughter and, most importantly, having fun. On his first day in office, Dirks let his Einstein-like composure slip
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The slow death of Eshleman Hall

After months of sitting and gathering mounds of dust that would make your dryer lint look like a mere speck, the emptied hull formerly known as Eshleman Hall is now ready to be brought down to the ground. Upon returning for the spring semester in the waning days of January,
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The Clog interviews Steve Wozniak

This Saturday, Cal alumnus Steve Wozniak will be the keynote speaker at UC Berkeley’s 2013 commencement ceremony. He transferred to Cal for his third year of college after completing his freshman year at the University of Colorado and his sophomore year at De Anza College. But he left Berkeley after
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Hug your way to an A

It’s an inherent fact that the stress before finals causes some people to kind of melt down. They stop taking care of themselves, eat foods they would otherwise never touch and go barking mad worrying about their grades. If you’re one of these people, there’s a great way to get
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13-05-02 Ten Random Facts About Chancellor-Elect Nicholas Dirks

10 random facts about Chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks

With the end of Chancellor Birgeneau’s term in sight, Chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks is undoubtedly preparing for his ascension to the top of the university. Having been appointed but a few months ago, you probably don’t know too much about him — but, of course, we’re here to dispel your ignorance.
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12-05-01 Why Robert Birgeneau is ready to step down

Why Chancellor Birgeneau is ready to step down

After nine years atop one of the world’s best universities, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau will be ending his reign in just about a month. His resignation, largely overshadowed by the now-infamous and now-nonexistent unibrow of Chancellor-Elect Nicholas Dirks, is now a looming inevitability. Yet, the physics professor appears to be intent
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13-04-26 Professor Patterson, A Powerlift Champion

Introducing Professor Patterson, a powerlifting champion

Though your professors may reign supreme in the lecture hall, you’re probably not too intimidated by them outside of the classroom. You might pale in comparison in a matchup of intellect, but you’d probably feel confident in your ability to sucker-punch them for that inordinately difficult question on that last midterm.
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UCSC outdoes Cal on 4/20

When you were accepted to Cal, the first thing everyone said ― hopefully after “congratulations!” ― was something like, “Oh, you want to become a pot-smoking hippie?” Not everyone asked you that, but we bet there was at least one family member or friend who heard the name “Berkeley” and
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