Clog poll: How are you spending winter break?

You did it, Bears! You really did it. You’re on winter break with another semester out of mind. Although you may have to deal with questions from family members about college life, nothing beats the blissful month of forgetting everything you’ve learned about in the last two weeks — wait,
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5 unwritten rules we’ve learned during finals week

It’s almost over, Bears! Today marks the last day of finals. Most of you are already done, but for those of you with the dreaded #deathspot of finals, we salute you. Reflecting back on the blur of the last week, The Daily Clog highlighted the most important rules to know.
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Finals week sucks: 3 things to cheer you up

It’s here. Finals week has finally begun, and we’re not going to lie — it sucks. If you were good and studied throughout dead week, we applaud you. But those of you who are more procrastination-prone are probably having an anxiety attack just thinking about the three consecutive nights you’ll
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