Our reaction to this hot weather as told through GIFs

You don’t need a weather report to tell that, all of a sudden, it has gotten HOT. (Although actually, it’s about the same temperature as this time last year.) After weeks of rain and gloom, we were definitely ready for some sunshine — despite being pretty unprepared for it. When we
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April’s all about awareness

With April comes the anticipation of cheeky pranks and punny jokes. Yet once April Fools’ Day passes, the threat of never-ending showers and looming finals starts to sink in. April is like a perpetual Sunday night — awkwardly between academic breaks, with the mad dash of finalizing summer plans. Between the
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15 ridiculous dream ways to use Memorial Stadium

Oh, Memorial Stadium. The site of a truly disheartening fall football season. After such an unfortunate season, it’s clear that the newly renovated stadium is not living up its full potential. The well-known UC Berkeley attraction has seen less and less attendance with our team’s performance tanking recently, so we
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10 worst places to study

1. Morrison Library Don’t get us wrong: Morrison’s great. It’s cozy, old-fashioned, warm … it sort of feels like Grandma’s living room. The lighting’s soft and pleasant, and there’s lots of cushy furniture where you can relax, stretch your legs and … go to sleep. Seriously, the only thing you’ll
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9 things you learn outside the classroom

College is all about you having a learning experience, and many of those experiences don’t come from the classroom. Whether it’s learning to live in a messy room or being able to stay up all night, college will teach you things you didn’t think you would learn. Here are nine
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Micro-anxieties of UC Berkeley students

We may look calm and collected … but don’t let that cool facade fool you. We at UC Berkeley experience multiple waves of minor anxiety attacks as we wade through each academic day. They might not seem all that panic-inducing, but trust us: our hearts always skip a beat when
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The 6 things you were going to do this weekend but didn’t

As students stagger into libraries Sunday evening, they are forced to grapple with a rather painful realization: Even seemingly invincible UC Berkeley students can fail to achieve their goals. Here are the five ambitions students start every weekend with but never actually achieve. Ambition: “I’m going to catch up on reading
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PSA: April 8 to 10 is the L&S CareerFest

Calling all Letters & Science students! Do you want to hone your job-search skills and get that dream internship? Are you a senior unsure about your future after graduation? Are you a freshman wondering what kind of career you can have with a bachelors of arts degree? If you answered
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The coolest college classes across the country

As higher education continues to evolve, colleges are getting more and more creative with the types of courses they offer. While UC Berkeley’s got some pretty cool classes, ranging from a Middle Earth DeCal to the wealth and poverty class taught by professor Robert Reich, we all know the grass is
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