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The Clog’s guide to the best holiday tech gifts

It’s that time of year again when people around the globe forget their usually selfless natures (ahem) and be greedy for a month. So we present to you the best holiday tech gifts of this season. They’ll make a great gift for anyone — maybe even yourself. OK, let’s be
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How to sleep less and work more over dead week

Sleep is always the first to go when it comes to choosing how to budget your time. We convince ourselves we can work with six hours, then push it down to four and then three. Soon, we wonder whether sleep is necessary at all. During dead week, you may find
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Derek Remsburg/Senior Staff

Kabam comes to Cal

Wham! Bam! Kabam! Kabam — a San Francisco-based entertainment company that releases multiplayer social games — will suddenly be a lot more present in our lives. Thanks to an $18 million deal to buy the naming rights to the football field in Memorial Stadium, the field will be known as “ Kabam Field
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What do your study habits say about you?

Finals are almost upon us at UC Berkeley, and every semester sees anxious students mourning the amount of work they have to do and exchanging stories about their studying hell. We can probably all agree that finals absolutely suck, but all students are different in how they handle just how
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Top 10 study tips to survive the last 3 weeks of classes

You know that feeling: You’re stressed out beyond belief, and you’ve probably consumed enough coffee to knock out a small elephant. Before you enter a comatose state of studying, the Clog would like to be your happy reminder that things can indeed be much better. Stick to these study tips, and
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Timeline of how much studying will be accomplished during RRR week.

The most accurate description of dead week at UC Berkeley

Dead week: a mixture of horrible anticipation and exhilarating fun. We at the Clog used our personal experiences to come up with the most accurate description of the week’s activities. Friday: Most students don’t consider it RRR week until Monday, which might explain why the libraries will be very empty
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