benjamin zander

TED Talk of the week: Benjamin Zander on ‘shining eyes’

Benjamin Zander’s TED Talk might be the best speech you’ve never heard of. Seriously, it’s amazing. In it, the American conductor uses classical music (that’s right) to humor, manipulate and inspire members of his audience to their feet — even bringing some to tears, and it’s not hard to see why.
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5 summer gym routine reminders

Bam, it’s June. If you haven’t carried a water bottle and earphones while wearing sweatpants and exercising shoes at the same time, this probably means that your fitness thing isn’t working out so well. According to get-fit tradition, summer’s like Christmas. The idea is to work your buttocks off for
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#TBT to our early Cal days

#TBT, or #ThrowbackThursday, is a common hashtag you will come across on any given Thursday if you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed. And if you’re a Cal student who follows other Cal students on any form of social media, you will come across a number of similar-looking photos of small,
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4 things we give up by coming home

After experiencing the joys of college, especially such an exceptionally awesome one as UC Berkeley, we can’t help but feel sometimes that we should have never left. While nobody denies that it’s important and even enjoyable to spend time with the people who bestowed us with the gift of life
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summer fun

Flashback Friday: summer break!

Summer is in full swing, and last semester’s classes feel like a distant memory. For those of us not partaking in another round of classes, we’ve got nothing but free time and a whole lot of it. Most of the time, summer recess is spent traveling, relaxing at home or
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Lawrence Hall

5 free or cheap day trips to take in Berkeley

Last week, we gave you five fantastic trip ideas that you could take around the Bay Area. But you might have to devote an entire weekend to some of those trips, and they also can be a little pricey. We still recommend that you save some money to cross those off your college
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What we learned from ‘The Bachelorette’

There’s no denying that we all have our guilty pleasures. For some, it’s spending $4.50 on caffeinated beverage at Starbucks, but for us, it’s the TV shows we watch in our few precious moments of free time as college students. These first weeks of summer are providing us at the
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The pros and cons of summer birthdays

The Clog has been talking a good deal about the implications of summer and being at home. After all, for a decent percentage of us, that’s what summer means. Laundry and home-cooked food aside, though, there’s yet another major difference summer presents students with: birthday bashes. Whether you’re at home with
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