Daylight savings (the annoying one) is here

Everyone’s favorite confusing, invented time-shift is here again: Daylight Savings. Except this time no one was able to celebrate the illusion of adding an hour to their day. When the clocks changed at 2 a.m. this morning, they hacked off an hour of our busy schedules instead. Now we’ve got
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We spied then tried: The Late Night Option

It was a busy and ever-so-draggy day when the above flyer caught our eye. It was unlike anything we’d ever seen around here. We’ve heard our fair share of this Late Night Option, but this advertisement was too enticing not to act on. Who could pass up on comfort food delivered
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Professor Robert Reich

10 things you missed from yesterday’s Robert Reich panel

For those of you who are midterm-submerged, cheeks-still-bulging-from-Taco-Tuesday fare, the Clog has come to fill your political fix. To help you make those A+ contributions to your discussion (or impress that attractive poli sci GSI), we’ve compiled a list of the most important takeaways from the Federal Budget panel Wednesday
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A Guide to NOT Picking Roommates

How To: not pick the wrong roommates

As the home stretch for spring break approaches, most students have managed to zone out of at least a couple of classes every day and sleep through another few. Thoughts drift toward the freedom of spring break and even beyond that — all the way to summer. In fact, it’s
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Spectator's view of Cal vs. Stanford on Wednesday night

Why is the “Big Game” not a big game?

College football is a tradition that many Cal students look forward to when they arrive at a Division-1 school. There’s something exhilarating about cramming into Memorial Stadium’s student section with hundreds of other fans and shouting “Go” — while the alumni answer back with “Bears” — at the top of your
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Eight things we learned about uber-rich Berkeley alumni

The Clog recently learned a few things about exactly how much money UC Berkeley alumni can make. This gives us a little hope for the future of our bank accounts, but we still think it’s insane. Apparently we were recently ranked the 14th-highest university from around the world to churn
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Fresh Organic Vegetables Sold at Wilmington's Urban Farm

Berkeley’s got ‘beef’ with the budget cuts

Just one look at the front page of The Daily Californian, and it is not hard to see the economic problems that UC Berkeley and other public universities are going through, especially in light of the recent sequester. When the Clog came across an article detailing that many universities in the U.S.
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How to prepare for the ASUC election madness

It’s every UC Berkeley student’s favorite time of year again: the awe-inspiring, time-consuming craziness of ASUC elections! Student Action has yet to announce its slate, but CalSERVE and SQUELCH! have announced their executive candidates. Oh boy, let the (hunger) games begin! Election season here seems to involve even more mayhem than
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Driving 2013-03-04 at 5.27.24 PM

Having a car in Berkeley: social currency or burden?

During CalSO, we were told that we wouldn’t need a car in Berkeley. What the counselors didn’t mention was the convenience and freedom that we were potentially sacrificing, like how it easily takes double the time to get some place via bus, how you’re limited in how many groceries you
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