The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Tiburon-Angel Island ferry.

5 prime Bay Area vacation spots

Berkeley is a great place to hang out and many people come here to tour on vacation. But believe it or not, there is plenty more to the Bay Area and Nor Cal than our university. (Mind-boggling, right?) So if you’re living in Berkeley this summer, you should consider traveling
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Edwin Cho/File

A continuing undergrad’s musings on graduation

Commencement was a couple weeks ago, and as each department’s individual graduation ceremony — among many peppered throughout the week — has reached its end, the Golden Bear Class of 2013 has officially been sent off and transitioned to alumni status. Even though the major change has had a bit of time
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A street off Powell Street Bart Station in San Francisco. #SanFranciscan #nightlife

6 photos you’ll see on your Instagram feed this summer

Oh, summer. So beautiful. So picturesque. So going on Instagram. Most of us savvy Instagram users can agree that summer life has never looked more golden — literally — through a Kelvin filter. Fortunately for us lucky Berkeley students, we’re free to roam around and make wonderful summer memories in the most
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Take a ‘real’ break this summer

At Cal, we’re used to going from class to class, job to job and office hour to office hour — from dawn until dusk. It’s a hectic life during the semester with studying, working and still trying to spend time with as many equally stressed-out friends as possible. So when finals
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Our CalSO memories, Clog style

The Cal Student Orientation is your first impression of the incredible smarts and urban eccentricity that is Berkeley. We at the Clog sure haven’t forgotten our own CalSO experiences. If you’ve already had your CalSO years and years ago, we hope you’ll find something you can relate to in our
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Lake No. 5

3 similarities between college and camping

There are quite a number of outdoorsy people in Berkeley, even if we do live in an urban environment during the semester. We like to think that the redwood trees around campus pay tribute to our affinity for the outdoors. But did you ever consider how your college lifestyle might
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4 careers with some pretty cool perks

With our national economy recovering at a painfully slow rate and recent grads entering an increasingly competitive job market, we have to face the harsh reality that the careers we initially came to this school to prepare for may not be the easiest to break into. So, in the interest
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