Participant's view of SUPERB's British Invasion Bar Trivia night at Pappy's

5 fun ways to lose at trivia night

Last Wednesday, SUPERB hosted its British Invasion Bar Trivia Night at Pappy’s. While we imagine it would have been fun to win, we know some people just know more trivia than others. If you missed SUPERB’s event, or if you just didn’t win last week, never fear. Here are some
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Ascent to Indian Rock

Travel Tuesday: 3 Northside gems not to miss

It’s funny how Berkeley can exclude us from the simplest pleasures of childhood. We cluster into apartments, dorms, co-ops and Greek houses that are filled almost exclusively with college students. We flock to a campus that caters to advanced learning, dotted only occasionally with youth during tours or Cal Day
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5 things all freshmen should do before the semester ends

Every year, a new cohort of bright and passionate freshmen enter Berkeley’s pristine campus and marvel at the majesty of their future. While the fall semester is already over and the school year is almost wrapping up, we hope everyone has been living his or her freshman year to the fullest. We’ve
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We Spy: an advertisement for LSD on Southside

Seeing strange things around our fair city is nothing new for the average Berkeley student. We’ve become accustomed to occasional nudity, demonstrations by protesters, the outspoken preaching of religious fundamentalists on Sproul and the sometimes-alarming interactions with our city’s homeless. Due to our high tolerance for the abnormal, a truly
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Red Peppers, Ricotta & Pesto 11" personal pizza

Top Dog, now serving … pizza?

Heads up, Berkeley: If you’re craving a hot dog on Northside, Top Dog is no longer your main squeeze. Don’t let the Top Dog sign and familiar ownership fool you. The management has opted for a new format: pizza and even a new name: Pizzahhh. So why this change in
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13-02-29 Nerd Interactions Are Cute Too

Nerd interactions are cute, too

Through the course of romantic interactions between the intelligent community — a politically correct way of designating “nerds” — there has usually been paradoxically low expectation for amorous gestures and expressions. There is an underlying belief that there is an inverse correlation between book-smarts and street-smarts, meaning that all those
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The “Berkeley Plague”: Are you infected?

There’s no denying that UC Berkeley students occupy a unique social, academic and cultural realm in this country. Elements of this environment inevitably seep into our brains and bodies as we settle into life at Cal, a phenomenon we have coined as the “Berkeley Plague.” While there is currently no
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We Spy: possibly most annoying tree on campus?

As we all know, snagging a study spot at the FSM cafe is usually next to impossible. Unless you’re willing to show up at the crack of dawn when it opens or are prepared to hover around for an hour carefully monitoring the table situation like a starved hyena on
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