3 things we learned not to do as freshmen

Freshman year is a universal learning experience. We tend to try many new things for that quintessential “college experience,” even if we end up regretting them in the end. We’ve gathered the wisdom — if you could call it that — that we’ve gained throughout our freshman years to give
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Big C

20 Berkeley memories to make before your 21st birthday

Some of us at the Clog turned 21 this year, and we think we’ve accomplished some pretty awesome things in the past 20 years — especially here in Berkeley. Here are 20 things from our plethora of experiences that we think you should consider adding to your Berkeley bucket list before
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What Jericho! does in Main Stacks

Some of your are probably still held captive in the finals prison that is Main Stacks(hang in there!), and the rest of you are probably finished and eager to get out of Berkeley. But if you’re at a loss as to how to spend the rest of finals week (besides
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Haas Vertical Shots

Haas kids want more A’s

Not only do Berkeley business undergrads get to say they go to the esteemed Haas School of Business, but now, they may get the chance to boost the grades they get there too. Haas is starting a new grading policy that will boost the mean GPA of core classes to
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Naked Run, 2013

Disrobing the mysteries of the Naked Run

At 9:00 p.m. sharp on the evening of May 8, the pre-finals silence of Main Stacks was shoved aside by a stream of sweaty, jubilant and naked bodies. Rushing gleefully past the infinite bookshelves and focused nighttime studiers, these brave participants of Cal’s legendary semesterly Naked Run delivered a 30-minute
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How to: stretch out the stress

Berkeley is hard on your body. How far do you walk every day? How long are you hunched over a desk in your dorm room or in a classroom? How many times have you fallen asleep on an uncomfortable couch, trying to stay awake to study? Dead week might have
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