Six tips to get shut-eye

You turn off the lights. Leisurely draping the blankets over your worn shoulders and fluffing the pillow from beneath your weary head, you lounge languidly in repose. Soundlessness deadens your senses. The puffs of tiredness bunched at the bottom of your eyes overtake you, and you find yourself drifting off
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A Random Important Alumni

A really important random alumnus

When we’re given the responsibility speech by our parents at the tender age of 10, then again at 12 and 16, once more at 18 and for good measure at 21 — as if we hadn’t been drinking all this time — there is always some mention of following in
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Girl Scouts on Sproul

Are Brownies the future Cal petitioners?

There is popular speculation that Thin Mints are a more socially acceptable version of crack. Well, the dealers have returned to satiate our cravings. We’ve spotted little Girl Scouts strategically stationed on the borders of Sproul Plaza, selling what we all know them for: cookies. We at the Daily Clog
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4 redeeming college stereotypes

For some reason, many college stereotypes seem to come attached with preconceived and negative connotations. Most of us have probably heard people talk about the “Walk of Shame” they had to pull Saturday morning or how they’re afraid they’ve put on the “Freshman 15.” The Clog thinks it’s high time to
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Oblivious walking, an unseen Berkeley danger

So you are walking to class through Telegraph, eating an ice cream sandwich from CREAM, listening to music on your earbuds, texting your mom, wondering if there will be a pop quiz today and rewording your newest thesis in your head. Some students in front of you cross the street
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5 hidden treasures of K-pop history

The explosion of the “Harlem Shake” viral videos this month have made us at the Clog nostalgic. For some reason, coordinated group seizures don’t have the same effect as coordinated horse trotting. And as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” falls lower on the U.S. Billboard 100 (48 as of this week), many
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6 things to have on your Berkeley bucket list

As Berkeley students, we have certain things that are just expected of us. We’re not talking about grades or careers. Oh no, we have our sights set toward much more interesting goals. Exploring the best of the Bay Area and our very own city has to offer is a must
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