Breaking news: engineers will get jobs

Cal’s class of 2013 is constantly plagued by the uber-competitive job market. The Wall Street Journal blog’s “Highest-Paid College Majors” list kicks those fears into high gear, just in time for graduation season. Not surprisingly, seven out of the 10 majors listed were off-shoots of engineering, which is good for
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So your sibling got into Cal …

The college word is out! March and April brought news that either crushed young people’s dreams or affirmed them — namely, Berkeley acceptance letters (or rather, acceptance emails). If you’ve been blessed and/or cursed with what the world calls younger siblings (whom you might affectionately call your personal punching bag or
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Housing for dummies, part 3

Leasing can seem like a daunting task. Mountains of paperwork for you (maybe some for your parents too), credit checks, reference sheets, intimidating landlords and their man-eating robots that enforce rent … all that stuff! We’re exaggerating, of course. However, don’t be fooled: Leasing can be seriously scary, unless you
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VSLB Bathroom

Berkeley bathroom crawl

This week we decided to take a look at some of the bathrooms around campus. We found some charming ones, but others left something to be desired. Cal has more bathrooms than we could ever cover, so we took a wide selection from around campus. If we missed a bathroom
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paper writing

Distractions to paper writing

Do you have senior roommates whom you love but are bad influences on your productivity? If you do, the Clog bets that in the last two weeks of your junior year, you are already beginning to show signs of senioritis. After all, you’ve witnessed the senior lifestyle for the past
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Meet Cal’s mysterious wire sculptor

Pushing through Kroeber Hall’s enormous glass doors with a life-sized human wire sculpture in tow, Isabel Halpern contemplated the next place to display her senior art project. Over the last month, many students have noticed — and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — the bold and thought-provoking series of
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Housing for dummies, part 2

A common question popping up for students as the semester draws to a close is “what are you doing this summer?” Whether the answer to that is working your butt off at an internship or living on the couch for three months, the central debate usually ends up being a
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Stream Trail

Travel Tuesday: our sweet escape

Now that we’ve survived fourteen weeks with the same professors, the same books, the same roommates and the same parties, the Clog is sure of one thing: we are pretty tired of Berkeley. Don’t get us wrong, we still think Cal is the most exciting place to spend our college
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