Snack food rising: return of the Twinkie

After the travesty of Hostess closing down this last November, a fair amount of ruckus resulted from the end of its legendary junk food snack known as the Twinkie. People around the world mourned the loss of the delightfully unhealthy snack. Those who decisively took action dealt with the news
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Disney princes

Why Cal men are better than Disney princes

Most girls grow up admiring the love lives of our favorite Disney princesses. They had it all (or what we thought was most important then): perfect boobs, no split ends, beautiful, flowing dresses that succinctly conveyed the main theme of their lives and perfect Ariana Grande-like voices that had the
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Bruins vs Golden Bears

As students of the first University of California (hence the sometimes obnoxious nickname “Cal”), a lot of us were fortunate enough to get into multiple other schools under the system. And very often, the decision of where to spend four years of our lives comes down to two great places:
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The inglorious twenties

Hearing older people ordain that their college years were “the best years of their lives” and they “would give anything to go back” should make us happy, right? The fact that “it’ll only be a long downhill slope from here” (downhill in the sense of ease and not decline) should
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Whether you're really in an interview or you just feel like you're in one with your parents' friends, what do people say when you go to Cal?

4 reactions to ‘I go to Cal’

Most Cal students are back home right now. We will run into old friends, our parents’ old friends and new people at social events and work. If any of these people know we’re in college, they will certainly ask, “Where do you go to school?” We will proudly answer, “Cal.”
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5 p.m. BART: a commuter’s mission

Where would we be without BART? We would all be suffocating to death within the Berkeley bubble. Without BART, we wouldn’t be able to conveniently embark on our San Francisco explorations or adventure to other Bay Area destinations. But the story changes as soon as 5 p.m. rolls around — that’s
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Summer TV … or a lack thereof

Have you ever noticed how all our favorite TV shows seem out to get us? They lure us in with the promise of entertainment, all the while anticipating and plotting our academic downfall. It’s the work of evil geniuses, we swear. Okay, so we sound like a ridiculous new type
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The last student summer

When we graduated from high school, completing our bachelor’s degrees seemed like it would take a lifetime. Though we knew just how quickly four years could pass — we had just finished four years of high school, after all — we thought another four, five or however many years it
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4 signs you’re visiting from Berkeley

Whether you’re a full-time resident or just adopted the area in the name of higher education, Berkeley has a pretty strong influence on most of us. Sometimes without even realizing it, we bring some of that with us in our travels away from the Bay. If you catch yourself doing
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