Quiz: How well do you know your campus?

It’s no secret that our campus is pretty big. It’s 1,232 acres (which is, like, 947 football fields) of amazing, with 32 libraries and a plethora of other buildings. So it’d be pretty impressive if you could identify and locate places on campus based on a single photograph. Care to
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Quiz: Which UC Berkeley bear are you?

Bear statues, BearWALK, Golden Bear Cafe. It seems that UC Berkeley has infused the adorable yet terror-inducing mammals (if you met one in real life) into every crevice of campus with nearly every school-affiliated organization, building and other establishment donning the terms “bear,” “golden” and “Oski.” This is home of
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Which Crossroads late-night food are you?

Undeniably, we frequented Crossroads’ Late Night our freshman year. We were with our friends, we were hungry and, sometimes, we were pretty drunk. Every order offered us a different experience. So now, we at the Clog pose the question: Which Late Night food would you be? Image sources:  Neeta Lind, brent.hofacker,  samantha celera,  crd!
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Which prominent Cal figure are you most like?

Admit it – knowing that you share a campus with some of academia’s biggest names still makes you giddy with geeky excitement. In the throes of completing that final paper or exam, you’ve probably tried to channel your favorite academic. Are you an intellect or an innovator? Take the quiz below to find out who within our stellar faculty is your true spirit animal!
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Quiz: what smartphone are you?

We all carry around tech gadgets, but have you ever thought about their personality? (Yes, we know inanimate objects don’t really have personalities.) We take them out occasionally, push their buttons and stuff them back into our pockets. But what if things were the other way around: what if you
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Which superhero are you most like?

Berkeley students do it all. We study hard and party hard — but doing them together requires superhuman strength. Which we definitely have. But even superheroes have different personalities. Which one are you? We’ve created a quiz to find out. Image source: Featured Image Contact Mina Abdullah at [email protected]