The basics of Quidditch at Cal


Yes, UC Berkeley has a Quidditch team. Quidditch, as in the game that Harry Potter plays at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in one of the most memorable book series of all time. If you’d like to know a little bit more about this fantastic team that’s actually applying
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Cal figure skating team to go to Nationals

When Michelle Hong joined Cal Figure Skating in her freshman year, she could count the number of teammates she had on one hand. Now a senior, Hong oversees a team of 25 skaters, 12 of whom will be competing at nationals this weekend. The U.S. Intercollegiate Championships — the highest-level competition for
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Help Cal Quidditch get to the World Cup

It’s a typical Sunday afternoon on Memorial Glade. Hula-hoop-like discs are propped on slender posts. Dodgeballs and volleyballs fly through the air. And a group of enthusiastic UC Berkeley students are running around with blue and gold duct-taped broomsticks between their legs. And who are these students? The Cal Quidditch
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Spotlight on Cal men’s lacrosse

This season marks the  50th anniversary of Cal men’s lacrosse as a club sport. To celebrate this milestone, local high school and youth lacrosse players from all over Northern California will create a human “50” on the field during the club’s March 7 game against University of Florida, which will
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UC Berkeley student places third on Jeopardy!

Last Friday’s Jeopardy! pitted the three finalists – Terry O’Shea, Tucker Pope and Kevin Shen – against one another to determine who would receive $100,000 and a spot to compete in the Tournament of Champions. Shen began the first round in the last place with $8,765. The first category chosen,
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