The most ridiculous stock photos

Stock photos are wonderful when you need a royalty-free photo for whatever purposes. Generally, they’re a bit corny, and there’s something slightly off about them, but they get the point across. But occasionally, when searching through the pages upon pages of available stock photos, you find a picture you have no
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Michael Koh and Samir Makhani, co-founders of tutoring service uGuru

uGuru: re-envisioning tutoring at UC Berkeley

What do beer, Asian-fusion hot dogs and a lack of going to lectures have in common? They all contributed to Michael Koh’s latest enterprise, a website called uGuru. uGuru is a site that provides tutoring services to students at UC Berkeley by pairing registered tutors in specific subjects with students
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The James Webb Space Telescope

How close are we to an alien invasion?

On July 14, NASA held a panel discussion regarding the search for potentially habitable worlds and the existence of life on other planets. The panelists included some prestigious names — John Grunsfeld, an astronaut who personally repaired the Hubble Space Telescope multiple time while it was in orbit; John Mather,
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Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 6.16.51 PM

Look back in time with Throwback

There’s nothing more amusing than surfing through years of old Facebook profile pictures, status updates and photo comments in search of your friend’s embarrassing old posts. Now there’s an app for that. Throwback allows you to see what you and your friends posted on social media in past years on the specific
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51b tim

Things Tim Howard could save: Berkeley edition

Despite our recent loss and removal from the World Cup, Team USA has had a lot to be excited about this past week. In the game against Belgium, USA’s goalkeeper Tim Howard recorded the highest number of saves ever made in a World Cup game. Since his insane 16-save game on
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most liberal and conservative town map slightly larger labels

Berkeley voted the most liberal city in California

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! First, from the far left, in the category of heavyweight politics and hailing from the Bay Area, we have the new reigning champion and titleholder of “the most liberal city” in the state … Berkeley, California! Business Insider recently created a map that depicts the most
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