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Thursday app of the week: Office 365

Name: Microsoft Office 365 Platform(s): Windows, OSX, The Internet Price: Free Mission: Make Office files sync everywhere and more This week’s app would be completely boring if it was not for the fact that it’s now (kinda) free for people with a @edu email address. As a student you’ll get
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Thursday app of the week: Launchy

Name: Launchy Platform(s): Windows, OSX, Linux Price: Free (donations welcomed) Mission: Save time by launching applications and other programs with quick keystrokes When it’s midterm season, every second counts. There is no time to waste. People aren’t even sitting to eat in the dining commons, and everyone is noticing how the
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AirBears, you suck … but not for long!

There are many places on campus where the AirBears signal is so weak that you just want to pull your hair out. Your Internet connection has slowed to a crawl and pages take whole minutes to load (gasp). Fortunately Berkeley alum Roland Saekow, who was also tired of weak AirBears
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MythBusters' Job Search Ad

Cal students, the perfect candidates for a job at MythBusters

If you’ve been keeping up with “MythBusters” for the last decade that it has been on the air, you’ll be excited to learn that it is now hiring. The other day, the show tweeted that it’s looking for “a multi-talented, highly-motivated, behind-the-scenes junior builder with smart skills, an awesome attitude
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Thursday app of the week:

Name: Platform(s): The Internet, iPhone Price: Free Mission: Make a one-stop personal (and professional) homepage In this new online age, paper resumes are slowly being replaced by the “personal website.” The personal website is usually a one-page site that contains a short biography, contact information, links to other sites
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Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 6.59.24 PM

Finding love … or just ‘UC Berkeley Hook-Ups’

If you use Facebook, which you probably do unless you actually have a life, you should know by now that the ubiquitous networking site has become a Godlike fixture in society. Apart from Google — which is also creepy as hell — Facebook knows more about you than your best
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Graph Search

Five reasons the new Facebook search was made for stalkers

Facebook is slowly rolling out Graph Search, making Facebook stalking even easier. Unlike the old search, which was clunky, the new search is powerful and has a clean, modern design that delivers fast and accurate results. Facebook stalking is no longer just for the creepers — it’s for the masses, and
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Thursday app of the week: PdaNet

Name: PdaNet Platform(s): Android, iPhone (jailbroken), BlackBerry, Palm OS Price: Free Mission: Get Internet for your laptop in a pinch The time when your Internet connection isn’t working is usually when you need it most. You usually have a paper or application due, and you’re sweating bullets because you can’t
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