New Snapchat allows for fearless drunk texting

The newest update to Snapchat now allows for live chatting!  If you’ve become disinterested in Snapchat (although we don’t know how anyone could get tired of taking selfies), it’s time for you to update the app and let shameless self-absorption take over your life. Here are some of the new features: new
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Can Tinder get you a free meal at Crossroads?

What if you can score a cute date on Tinder and get a free meal in the process? It’s that kind of question that started a blog on Tumblr called Swipes for Swipes. According to the Washington Post, “if you have extra meal swipes in AU’s dining halls, add the
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Stay focused while helping charities

It would be extremely easy to say you will turn your phone off, put it out of sight and focus on your homework. But let’s face it — none of us have the guts to actually do this when we’re studying or slaving away on a new computer science coding project. Our
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