Free speed-reading apps to help you survive readers

Even the science majors understand the struggle of having to read 100 pages a day with the expectation of remembering every minute detail because the quiz you’re going to have the next day is ruthless. Sometimes, students are under the impression that reading slower will increase comprehension — but this
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Best apps for spring break

This time of year, restless students are dreaming of escaping campus to sunny beaches and umbrella drinks. Get your swimsuits ready, because spring break is almost here! OK, so realistically not all of us will be vacationing in the Bahamas. But whether we’ll be staying at Berkeley, going home or
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Emile, pictured in one of the photos from the Humans of Berkeley Facebook page.

Q&A with ‘Humans of Berkeley’ founder, Yidi Li

Meet Yidi Li. She’s a second-year media students and environmental economics and policy major. She’s originally from China and, later, Seattle. She got four hours of sleep last night. And oh yeah, she started “Humans of Berkeley,” a photography project that is quickly gaining popularity. She talked with us about
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7 apps we really want UC Berkeley students to create

Attention all electrical engineering and computer sciences majors: We’ve come up with a few potential multimillion-dollar ideas that are up for grabs. Living in a society consumed by technology, we are actually surprised these apps don’t exist yet. Develop the code for these money-makers, and you’ll be sure to have
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