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Get ‘Lucky’ every day with this new app

Berkeley students are known for a variety of things — good grades, protesting, an undeniable love of boba and being incredibly unlucky in regards to football. However, with the creation of new app “Lucky” from Cal grads Jon Liu and Jeff Wang, students at Berkeley can be the most connected too.
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Why professors should switch from bSpace to bCourses

It’s no secret how fond our school is of displaying its Berkeley pride in virtually everything remotely related to the university. We have BearWalk, Bear Market, BearFacts — you get the idea. A crucial part of this esteemed ‘b’ club was bSpace, but it is slowly being phrased out by the
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FYI: Reddit co-founder to come to Berkeley

The Internet isn’t just for nerds anymore (but let’s be real — we’re all nerds at UC Berkeley). So maybe it’s a good thing that the co-founder of the website that proclaims itself “the front page of the internet” is coming for a visit. That’s right. One of the co-founders of
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Why does everybody have a MacBook?

Nothing typifies a Cal lecture hall more than the glimmer of those silver computers under the sweltering lights — and the ever-increasing feeling that you may be the only one in the room without one. Have you ever asked yourself why the hell everybody seems to have a MacBook? Well, we
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Adobe products in the Cal student store.

Free computer software you need

College is probably the biggest financial investment you’ve made yet, so when you can find opportunities to cut corners and save a few dollars, the Clog is behind you. With the costs of tuition, housing and even basic necessities like food and toilet paper, it gets expensive pretty quickly. Luckily
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App of the Week, App Lock

App of the week: App Lock

Name: App Lock Platform: Android Price: Free Mission: Protect Your Privacy It’s common practice nowadays that upon obtaining access to your friend’s phone, tablet or laptop, one of the first tasks to accomplish is to post a message on Facebook about how your friend had unsurprisingly changed his or her
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Can CalCentral bring us into the 21st century?

One of the most surprising things about attending one of the world’s most acclaimed universities is how antiquated some of the online technology is. It only takes a fleeting glance at the disgusting 1990s-looking Tele-BEARS or BearFacts to realize that the general Berkeley area seems immune to the rest of
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