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Video: Using drugs as a study tool

“Berkeley is hard. Sometimes you need something extra to help you out,” said Willa Peng, a sophomore majoring in political economy.  With exam season upon us, words like Adderall are commonly heard around campus. The meaning of the word “drug” during dead week and finals week is no longer limited to
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4 events you should (not) go to during dead week

As always, the best things in life happen during the worst times. Of course there would be plenty of fun activities to take part in during dead week. But as extremely studious UC Berkeley students, we shouldn’t attend these events … right? 1) Demetri Martin (May 8) Awkward and uncomfortable — in
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Places to eat after 2 a.m.

It’s 2 a.m. during dead week, and you are hanging by your last remaining thread of sanity. After studying for five hours in a cramped cubicle in Moffitt Library with a dragon’s horde of coffee-stained notebooks and worksheets, you forgot to do one very important thing: eat. By now, your
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