Berkeley food perfect for the Fourth

Do you want the perfect Fourth of July meal but haven’t been invited to a barbecue and don’t feel like cooking? We all know that Berkeley is definitely not known for its abundance of barbecue joints — it can be difficult to find the classic foods you crave for the Fourth. Here are some delicious Fourth of July treats you can find in the city of Berkeley.
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Berkeley fireworks hotspots

The Fourth of July is a classic hometown holiday. You may have spent your childhood running up and down the streets you grew up on, marching in your town’s parade and finding the perfect place to catch your local fireworks show. If you’re spending the summer in Berkeley, this hometown experience does have to be altered just a bit. We at the Clog may not be able to recreate your town’s annual bike parade, but we can suggest some local places to catch a neat fireworks display.
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bean burger

Quiz: Are you more hot dog or hamburger?

There are two kinds of people in the world — those who scramble towards hotdogs on the July Fourth barbecue skewer and those who wolf down hamburger after hamburger. These people are always polar opposites. If you’re having an identity crisis and do not know which personality type fits you better, take this personalized quiz that we at the Clog designed just for you!
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Quiz: Are you an Alexander or an Aaron?

The Broadway smash hit musical “Hamilton” has officially swept the nation. In wake of its 11 Tony Award wins and its record-breaking 16 nominations, this production has ushered in a new era of not just theater but also education. In order to commemorate the Fourth of July, we at the Clog would like to recognize this musical that highlights key moments in our nation’s founding and has actually brought some life to the repetitive American history we have been learning about since fifth grade. Even though this musical is historical both in what it’s doing for theater and in its content, we would like to focus on the important questions. Are you an Alexander Hamilton or an Aaron Burr, sir?
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fireworks 3.ZHOU

A lit Fourth of July playlist

We at the Clog know that no summer event is more important than the Fourth of July. And possibly the most important part of making sure you have a fun Fourth of July is making sure your playlist is as lit as the fireworks you’ll be watching. We have 13 suggestions for you to commemorate, criticize and celebrate Independence Day and everything it stands for. So grab a beverage and friend of your choice, kick back with your pocket copy of the Declaration of Independence and toast the fireworks as you listen to this Fourth of July playlist.
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Fourth of July 2016

Editor’s note: Fourth of July 2016

America the beautiful is the land we all call home right now, for better or for worse. With the 2016 presidential elections well underway, we’ve had a lot of time this year to reflect on what it means to be an American and what ideals we want to embody. Of course, Fourth of July is for celebrating the majesty of the rolling waves of grain with a sunrise shotgun of an ice cold Budweiser America (please drink responsibly, folks), but we’re also at a crossroads in our history. We must decide whether to keep our country free and expand liberties to those who have been denied them or follow a path of xenophobia and bigotry.
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