A quarter of a pie rests on the counter of a bakery.

What your favorite pie says about you

In honor of Pi Day, we’ve created a manifesto of sorts that dictates what your favorite pie says about your personality. Now, while pi is an exceptional number, a lot of things can’t be measured by just numbers (this also applies to intelligence and GPAs).
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A cell phone with the screen showing 2 Step Verification on fire

An open letter to CalNet 2-Step Verification

No one logged into CalCentral before your villainous introduction and thought, “Hm… this is a little too easy.” No one stayed up tossing and turning worrying about the security of their CalCentral. Why did you, CalNet 2-Step, have to come into our lives?
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Clog Report: Entire ant hill found in dining hall salad

Here at UC Berkeley, it’s no mystery that the dining hall food is astoundingly subpar. Several instances of meals with a side of a singular horse fly can be seen nearly once a day on the popular Facebook page, Overheard at UC Berkeley — and last Friday night at Crossroads was no different.
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