8 tips for creating a good relationship with your roommate

In an ideal world, your college roommate is your best friend. The two of you have similar interests, study habits and sleep schedules. You share your clothes, coordinate the furniture and decorate the rooms together. You invite mutual friends over for movie marathon nights and unforgettable parties. Unfortunately, real life
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Look, it hailed in Berkeley

The weather in Berkeley is getting too intense for us. Seriously, we at the Clog never wished for classes to be cancelled more than today. We thought the 70 ft tree struck by lighting — which fell on houses and destroyed property — would be the worst of our worries.
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Best places on campus to have sex

Let’s be frank. UC Berkeley students like to get funky in … interesting places. Many students even have “bucket lists” for locations around campus where they want to get it on. Some spots sound sexy, daring and fun, while others do not. Here, the Clog rounds up the best places on
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Tree struck by lightning falls on Berkeley homes

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain Monday led to the destruction of property when a giant redwood tree fell in North Berkeley. According to Berkeleyside, the 70-foot tree was reduced to about 24 feet when it was hit by lightning. The tree — located near the intersection of Holly Street and
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What you actually did over spring break

When most people ask you the classic question, “What did you do over spring break?”, you respond with a customary reply that is both vague and polite. But how accurate is that statement? What did you actually do over break? The Clog is here to delve through all that BS
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