Five tips if you are running late to class

You wake up from a long night’s slumber and glance down at your phone. It reports back to you that it’s 7:50 a.m. You burrow back into your bed and resume the peaceful snooze the all-too-familiar marimba alarm tone just so rudely interrupted. There’s a stupid, content smile on your
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Four telltale signs that you’re in Berkeley, California

Every campus has its own traditions and “signs” that differentiates it from other campuses. Nothing says home like these four #typicalBerkeley behaviors. 1. You don’t follow street lights Regardless of whether the light is green or red, students unabashedly walk across the street to get around the city. 2. You
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How to maximize your Facebook time in 4 easy steps

Facebook can be a drain on your time. You may casually log on expecting to just check your notifications, but next thing you know, you realize you’ve been stalking your ex’s tagged photos for the past hour. But Facebook can be more than a source of distraction during dull lectures.
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Quiz: Can you name that DeCal?

DeCals are a great way to get extra units and study something you’ve always been curious about. They give you a chance to explore quirky and ultra-specialized topics that you never would have made time for without some sort of incentive. And DeCal topics can definitely get pretty specific. We’re sure
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RESIZED Playboy October 2013

UC Berkeley graduate poses for Playboy’s Pac-12 pictorial

Take a moment to think about what words might come to mind when you think about Berkeley. Prestige, maybe? Partying, perhaps? Politics, even? Well, what about … Playboy? Playboy’s college issue feature includes former UC Berkeley student Alice Ohtsuki — who graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in theater
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