10 best vantage points for people-watching

1. Bench by the entrance to East Asian Library There is a bench at the entrance of the East Asian Library that overlooks Memorial Glade. It’s not a particularly comfortable bench, but it’s a nice place to relax, eat a sandwich, and … well … enjoy the view. You can
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10 little things that make UC Berkeley students happy

Sometimes, just one little moment can make or break your day. These moments, while not always Instagram/Facebook status worthy, will always bring a smile to your face. 1. Seeing your friend on campus It’s always a nice surprise to see a good friend walking around campus. The type of friend
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UC Berkeley student places third on Jeopardy!

Last Friday’s Jeopardy! pitted the three finalists – Terry O’Shea, Tucker Pope and Kevin Shen – against one another to determine who would receive $100,000 and a spot to compete in the Tournament of Champions. Shen began the first round in the last place with $8,765. The first category chosen,
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Clog tutorial: how to navigate the dance floor

While we’ve all foregone possible socializing for the dreaded papers and midterms piling up, we still hope you get out sometimes to make up for all that staying in. Hey, it’s college, right? You can go to a party or two! You can even dance if you want to. “I
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