13-08-15 App of the Week, AirDroid

App of the Week: AirDroid

Name: AirDroid Platform: Android Price: Free Mission: Your Android, on the Web Though these high-tech expensive bricks available are increasingly becoming the norm, smartphones can’t escape the fact that they are, by birth, phones. And though their only crime is their existence, the fact that they are (regrettably) phones presents a
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6 things to enjoy before going back to school

We have only a little more than two weeks to go before fall classes kick off. Even summer schoolers (those crazy kids who decided to be academically productive over these designated lazy months) will have a brief reprieve before the onslaught of studying and essay-writing UC Berkeley loves to throw
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Why you should celebrate Left-Handers’ Day

We smudge every chalkboard we write on. We have odd aches in our wrists, arms and necks from using desks designed against our handedness. We feel a sense of shared suffering and yet camaraderie when we meet other “lefties,” because they understand. Thankfully, our generation has never felt the institutionalized
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The Book Nook: prepare yourself for ‘Ender’s Game’

The book: “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card Suggested for: Anyone who likes intelligent science fiction and plans on seeing the movie this fall. Clog rating: While Berkeley is full of intelligent people, some of whom may have even skipped a grade or two, there is nothing quite like the
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Why life is one long college application

No one likes college applications, unless you magically achieved a 5.0 GPA and a perfect SAT score in high school. And even then, filling out all those questions about yourself is a hassle. So what if we told you life was one extremely long, never-ending application? We all have to
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10 useful tips for living with a new roommate

The school year is starting up again soon, and living situations are about to get preeeeetty awkward if you’re going to be living with a new roommate. If you’re heading into dorm life, your roomie was probably assigned to you (and you stalked her relentlessly via Facebook ever since you
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We Spy: a deer in daylight

The clouds in the sky were giving way to sunshine when we saw a deer on a sidewalk on Northside. As you probably know, Northside blends into the Berkeley Hills. The trees — elm, pine, and liquid amber — are taller than most buildings. The experience of walking down some
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Hidden inspiration behind songs

Good music often provides the perfect background songs for our ordinary daily activities. Music also allows us to relive a story narrated by lyrics in our imagination or allows us to escape to the beats and sounds of different instruments. By making some songs very personal to us, we often
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