Thursday app of the week: Rapportive

Name: Rapportive Platform(s): Chrome, Firefox, Safari Price: Free Mission: See your social media contacts in Gmail This week’s app is one of those apps that takes five seconds to set up, but once you have it you’ll wonder why its not built into Gmail in the first place. It’s called
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Accept that you are a writer

Whether you’re majoring in English or struggling through an ethnic studies paper when you just want to study biology, Cal students do a lot of writing. While papers can be much less stressful than rushed in-class midterms, they do require much more time, especially when you procrastinate. And we think
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Cal shows off its human-powered vehicle

Cycling competitions are notoriously difficult, but even Tour de France athletes don’t built their own bikes from scratch. That would be silly for mere cyclists to even attempt. Fortunately, the 10 undergraduate members of Berkeley’s Human Powered Vehicle team are far from the average cyclist. These men and women excel
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How to: Get rid of extra meal points

We know it sounds crazy, but the Clog has run into quite a few people lately who have hundreds of extra meal points. Insane frugality, hatred for dining hall food, laziness — there are a million explanations for this seemingly rare phenomenon. As much as it doesn’t seem like it,
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We spy: Bubbles in Ludwig’s Fountain on Sproul

Walking by the GBC after class yesterday, we saw something strange and out of place (even by Berkeley standards): bubbles in our favorite fountain. We’re not just talking a few measly pockets of air, but full on foam taking over the entire thing! It was a veritable bubble bath. The only things
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UC Berkeley chemistry professor makes medical history

Earlier this week, Cal chemistry professor Jay Keasling made medical history after the development of a new antimalarial drug production technique, aimed at saving the millions of people who contract the disease in developing countries all over the world. His 12 year’s worth of findings — including his breakthrough discovery about
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Dead week: to leave or not to leave?

To leave or not to leave? That is the question. Mom and Dad want us to come home, friends want us to go to Vegas and deep down inside we know that we could really use about a month in the library, let alone a week to regroup. So what
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RA Roommate

5 questions to ask when roommate hunting

It’s that time of year again, when your dorm RAs start reminding you that they’re kicking you out the day after finals finish and landlords rent out the apartment you haven’t even found a replacement for yet. Even if you haven’t figured out where you’re living next year, chances are
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T Rex at Museum of Vertebrate Biology

10 Berkeley museums to visit this weekend

Come Cal Day, Berkeley will be more stuffed than Cal Rubgy’s trophy chest. An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 people will descend upon our streets and experience a day in the life of a Cal Bear. Here at the Daily Clog, we have a special dedication to finding the best things Berkeley offers, which coincidentally are
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