Quiz: Are you a good roommate?

As you transition back onto campus, adjusting to new and old roommates is always a challenge. Some of you have realized that you made the perfect roommate choice, while others have discovered that a best friend does not always equal a good roommate. Between overnight “guests” and cleaning duties, it can be
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Cal Dining, which operates the Crossroads facility shown above, is among the auxiliary organizations that will be affected by the new regulations.

Getting creative at Crossroads

With school just starting, you are likely still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship with the campus dining commons (assuming you are lucky enough to be equipped with a meal plan). There will come a time, however, when that honeymoon period ends. Vivid dreams about home-cooked food will become a
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UC Berkeley Bingo: first day of class edition

Well, Bears, the day has finally come. It’s the first day of instruction. Whether you’re super excited about your classes or just fulfilling a breadth requirement, most of us can agree that the first lecture of any class is pretty dry. While your section goes around playing two truths and a lie,
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What you should really take away from Welcome Week

It’s Welcome Week at Cal, and we at The Daily Clog know that this is a time of elation, reunion and intoxication. Welcome Week brings with it a host of memorable moments — and probably some that you won’t remember at all. But amid the hordes of wandering students and
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Tell The Daily Clog about your first day of classes

The Daily Clog would love to hear about your first day of classes at UC Berkeley. For freshmen, this will probably be the most exciting day of classes. For returning students, this is an opportunity to gauge how many sleepless nights the semester will bring and how hot your GSIs
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2013 rankings that prove Berkeley is the best

When we start to get depressed after paying our CARS bill, it’s nice to remember that, around the world, rankings are coming out that say Cal rocks. The Clog has compiled a list of our favorite rankings released in 2013 that recognize how great our school and city are. Read
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5 helpful UC Berkeley websites you may not know

We at the Clog understand that a billion websites are tossed at you when you first arrive at Cal. We figured you already know your bSpace from your BearFacts, so we probed into Berkeley’s database of websites to find useful yet underutilized websites you should know. 1. BearCheck This website
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