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Clog tutorial: how to navigate the dance floor

While we’ve all foregone possible socializing for the dreaded papers and midterms piling up, we still hope you get out sometimes to make up for all that staying in. Hey, it’s college, right? You can go to a party or two! You can even dance if you want to. “I
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ASUC election season captured in memes

With election season just around the corner, we at the Clog understand how stressful and confusing it can be. Whether you’re supporting a friend or simply amazed by how persistent the candidates can be, it’s a pretty interesting experience unique to UC Berkeley’s campus. We’ve collected the best memes out
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Quiz: what smartphone are you?

We all carry around tech gadgets, but have you ever thought about their personality? (Yes, we know inanimate objects don’t really have personalities.) We take them out occasionally, push their buttons and stuff them back into our pockets. But what if things were the other way around: what if you
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