Seth Macfarlane Oscars 2013

Six lessons to learn from this year’s Oscars

The Clog was procrastinating Sunday night, watching the Oscars live feed. While some may argue that the Oscars lacks relevancy and is merely a parade of overpaid celebrities taking part in an antiquated and self-congratulatory ceremony … we couldn’t help but realize how many Berkeley life lessons could be taken
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Cal Track and Field demonstrates Bear athleticism

We know, no one really follows track and field all that closely. It’s not exactly a team sport, since the team scores are just the sum of the individual sports. But while track and field is a not a team sport, it is the epitome of athletic prowess. And Cal’s
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6 thoughts you have in the last 5 minutes of class

You’re in your favorite class taught by a professor you idolize. You might even be one of the lucky students who is lectured by Robert Reich or Paul Rabinow. But some days, no matter what the situation, you just can’t focus in class. Here are five trains of thought that
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Ranking our schools

Berkeley ranked 27th by reliable source: high schoolers

There’s always been a deserved fuss over college rankings, and understandably so. It’s hard to answer the question: What is a good education? Is it a large knowledge database, analytical development, networking, access to professors, a good community or getting laid all the time? An article published in the Quarterly
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The possible downside of famous professors

One of the perks of going to Berkeley is all the big names it attracts. At Cal, we get to interact with and learn from some of the most distinguished and recognized in their fields. It’s pretty cool to say you actually heard [insert epic name here] speak in person,
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It's impossible to capture the beauty of this outlook, but we gave it a try anyways.

Travel Tuesday: the best view in Berkeley

As we slip into the ominous depths of midterm season and paper deadlines, it’s easy to spend our college hours slouching at a desk in Doe, scurrying from class to class or nestling under warm covers at the end of a demanding day. And even when we manage to scrape
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4 ways to productively procrastinate

Whether we want to admit it or not, midterm season is officially here. Within these next few weeks, stress and caffeine levels will significantly increase as we all cram for these seemingly impossible tests. Let’s be realistic here, cramming is only necessary because most of us will spend more than
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4 people you hate to see at a midterm

Massive amounts of cramming, stress and lack of sleep make midterms at Berkeley a guaranteed source of headaches. Once the exam actually rolls around we’re usually pretty happy just to sit down and get it over with, until we realize there’s another midterm menace: our fellow classmates. With midterms around
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People's Cafe

Crawling Berkeley: Cafe edition

With midterms coming up, it’s not a rarety to see Berkeley students setting up tents and camping out for coveted seats in the libraries. But we at the Clog understand that library studying isn’t for everyone, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite cafe’s — one for each day
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Playlist of the week: Grin and bear it!

As time progresses, it seems like the hip and trendy thing to do in the music world is name your band after an animal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mammal or a fish or even a mythical creature (psssst Little Dragon). It’s scientifically proven that it increases coolness points by
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