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App showdown: Firefox vs. Chrome

Let’s be honest: The web-browser competition is pretty much a two-horse race by now. Internet Explorer is the butt of all jokes and is pretty much only used to download other browsers. Safari really isn’t much better, and Opera constantly has to remind people it still exists (which it does, shockingly enough!).
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How to make it through ‘cuddle season’ single

With cute Halloween couple pictures on Facebook and romantic comedies dominating television, winter is most definitely cuddle season. And with all of your other commitments, finding someone to share the holiday season with may have slipped your mind. So if you find yourself entering the time of year known for warm
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Cal girls aren’t that easy to pick up

The comedy YouTube channel Just Go TV filmed a skit at Cal in which they (unsuccessfully) tried to pick up girls. You’d think they’d try to woo Berkeley’s women using compliments, flowers … maybe some good old-fashioned chivalry. But no. Just Go TV’s pickup method of choice: speaking gibberish. In
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Berkeley through the eyes of an anthropologist

By the time senior year rolls around, we’ve all developed our own unique relationship with our school and the surrounding city. The units might remind us of freshman year, and La Burrita might evoke memories of late-night snacking. But how might a newbie freshman view our campus? Read our satirical
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The 9 characters you see in every dorm and apartment

Dorms, apartments, high-rises or anything in between — no matter where you live, it always seems like the same nine people move along with you. Perhaps not the exact same people (we hope), but rather their personalities somehow manifest themselves in whomever your neighbors are. The Daily Clog has compiled a list
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