Berkeley Public Library

The perks of the Berkeley Public Library

OK, we know that UC Berkeley has a ridiculous number of libraries — 32, to be exact. So why on Earth would you venture over to Kittredge Street to go to the public library when there are study spots, big and small, literally all across campus? Here are four very
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Video Throwback: Hey gurl, can I swipe you a drink?

We recently discovered this gem of a video from 2008 called “Swipe You A Drink” by the Swipe Kings. This parody of T-Pain’s “Buy You A Drink” is possibly our new favorite reason to love meal points. The video, which was made in part by “GBC Records,” is wonderfully over-autotuned
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What we miss (and don’t) about community college

It’s been almost a year since the transfer class of 2014 was admitted to Cal. The agonizing wait was finally over. We were done with community college! Senioritis kicked in a little early (transfer-itis?) as we prepared to leave our little lower-division haven — or hell — and enter the
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5 go-to responses when cold-called in class

We’ve all been there. Instead of finishing your reading last night, you let your roommate talk you into watching multiple episodes of “Homeland” and now you’re in class, sweating balls hoping you won’t be picked to explain the meaning of the median voter theorem. Even though you keep your eyes
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Thursday app of the week: Clear

Name: Clear Platform(s): iOS, OSX Price: $1.99 Mission: Keep organized as the stress piles up With Dead Week and finals creeping up on us, midterms still happening and papers due, it’s safe to say that many of us are stressed. We have too much to do and too little time.
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We spy (and rank): ASUC chalking campaigns

The platforms and ideologies that make up any campaign have to be pushed out into the world somehow in order for them to be heard and recognized, which puts a great emphasis on effective marketing techniques. These past few years, social media has been a major tool in getting the
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