Campus Map

We can’t get here without Google Maps

There’s a reason the majority of Cal students walk around, Google Maps in hand, looking frantic — they might as well be in the middle of the woods. Berkeley can be an extremely confusing campus. Some buildings are hidden on the far side of campus in unexplored areas. Others just
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Best and Worst Dressed at the Grammys

Fashion at the Grammys is finally taking a step back from the outlandish extravagance of costumed gowns that took the lead of Lady Gaga. This year, sartorial risks were minimal: women wore sleek, form-fitting silhouettes while men who sought to make an impression opted out of black tie creative for
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Art a la Carte: food, cars and games!

Art a la Carte is back this week to compile the best visual art on the Internet. 1. “Nationalism with a dash of flavor” would be the best way to describe this promotion for the Sydney International Food Festival: national flags made from each country’s traditional foods. 2. Keep clicking on
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