The 3 types of midterm zombies you might become

As midterms begin, you may see more students than usual walking on Sproul Plaza with red, sleep-deprived eyes and carrying cups of coffee and blue (actually green) books. Everyone reacts to the stress of midterms in different ways, but here are three different types of midterm zombies you may encounter
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Come test day, do you forget everything you studied?

You’ve spent days, weeks (but let’s be real, days) preparing for your upcoming midterm, and it’s finally test time. If there were some reliable success-predicting equation, you’re positive the time you dedicated to those seamless notes, that perfect attendance and that mile-high flashcard stack would be more than sufficient to
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cal squirrel

The 411 on a squirrel literally biting a student

We’ve all fallen prey to Berkeley’s most abundant creatures. They look up at you with those big, innocent eyes, and you just feel the urge to feed the poor things. Unfortunately, this is not Snow White, and you are not a squirrel whisperer. When the peanuts run out, they will
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PSA: Tele-BEARS dates are out for spring 2014

We at the Clog just wanted to send a PSA to let you know you can check your Phase I appointment time on Tele-BEARS. Registration begins on Monday, Oct. 21. When we first looked at our appointment time, we had no idea what to expect. We hoped to feel like this
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Top 3 reasons you should resist the temptation of GTA-V

At a whopping $1 billion profit in three days, “Grand Theft Auto V” has captured the title of the fastest-selling product in entertainment history. Hold your applause, because the new massive setting, improved graphics and thrilling plot could cost you. With the pressures of Berkeley filling your schedule, it’s natural
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The struggles of Snapchat in college life

Every Snapchat user has been there. We understand the pain of taking 30 Snapchat pictures to find the perfect combination of “ugly-cute” when trying to Snapchat back the cute boy or girl that you met in class. We get the weird looks from older people who just don’t understand what
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pink pumpkin

5 reasons we love Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October brings us pumpkin lattes, horror movies and Halloween. But we’re excited to hit our closets for every pink object we own, because October also means Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Even if pink’s not your color, you won’t be able to resist showing your support, and we’re here to tell
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Infographic: Should you get a tattoo?

We love our school, but sometimes we love it a little too much. While most of us are happy enough with a Cal sweatshirt, a select few take their school pride a step further and decide to make their commitment a lot more permanent. We at the Clog are here
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