Do you have trouble sleeping? Try these 6 tips

“I’m so tired” seems to be an oft-repeated refrain among Berkeley students. Between extracurriculars and school work, it can hard to get in those recommended eight hours of sleep per night. But what about when you get yourself into bed at a decent hour … and can’t fall asleep? While
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mini graduation cap on money

Buzzfeed ranks Berkeley 4th-best-value college

We all know the old stats: Berkeley is the No. 1 public university in the world, according to US News and World Report; ranks fifth in world reputation rankings, according to the 2013 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings; and ranked eighth on Kiplinger’s best values in public colleges list. But those are some
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Typical Tele-BEARS struggles every student goes through

Tele-BEARS appointments happen twice a semester, and despite the system’s semiadorable name, signing up for courses is generally a high-stress process including uttered profanities, frustration … and maybe even tears. If you’re lucky, you’ve already had your Phase I appointment for next semester, and we’re betting you can relate to
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The haunted house of Hearst

Hearst Gym: a multipurpose facility with three pools, locker rooms, classrooms, dance rooms and a gymnasium … and, apparently, the remains of about 12,000 Native Americans. How’s that for a spooky Halloween fact? According to the Los Angeles Times, “the bones, along with 400,000 Native American artifacts, are held by
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UC Berkeley awkward encounters

Have you ever thought someone was waving at you when he or she actually wasn’t? Have you face-planted in public? So have we. When these sort of awkward situations arise, you can always pretend they didn’t happened and move on with your life. Or, you can test out our advice
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How to spend Halloween in the city (for free)

As a child, the best part of Halloween — without question — was the free candy. While we still love treats as college students (let’s be real — as college students, we’re partial to any free food) we have a little more freedom in deciding how to spend our Halloween here in
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You know it’s officially fall in Berkeley when…

Fall officially started Sept. 22, but we think the temperatures last month were way too hot to actually count. With crisp air and pre-Thanksgiving conversations filling campus, we at the Clog feel like November really signifies the beginning of the season. We’ve compiled six of our favorite things that represent fall
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